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AVGN - "Berenstain" Bears

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Oh, Poopies!  :pile:  :pile: 


From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berenstain_Bears



Name Confusion

Many people incorrectly remember the name of the series as the "Berenstein Bears". This confusion has generated multiple humorous theories to explain the memories, including an unannounced name change, time travel, or parallel universes and has been described as an instance of the Mandela effect. According to Stan Berenstain's son, confusion over the name has existed since his father's childhood, when a teacher insisted that the name was spelled "Berenstein" due to the popularity of the "stein" ending in names. At least a few examples of official merchandise spelled "Berenstein" have been found, and cartoons for the series used an ambiguous pronunciation which may contribute to the false-memory.

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You ever notice how the Barenstain's painted themselves into a corner by naming the kids "brother" and "sister"?  When they had another cub, it's name was "Honey".  And they had friends -- Lizzy Bruin for example...did they call them "Brother" and "Sister" too?


Sister didn't come along until "The Berenstain Bears and the New Baby." Before that book, Brother was called Small Bear. I think we can assume that's his real name. As for Sister, who knows?


Papa is often referred to as "Papa Q. Bear." So, is "Papa" his first name and "Q" his middle initial? Or is "Papa" his nickname and "Q" the first letter of his first name? Once again, who knows?


The neighborhood swindler that appears sometimes is called Raffish Ralph in his cameo appearances in the shorter books and his bigger roles in the 1980's cartoon (the predecessor to the PBS cartoon. I have fond memories of both cartoons). In the chapter books (where he has big roles quite often), he is called Ralph Ripoff. So, his name must be Ralph, but he has two nicknames. It's so confusing.


Maybe I'm reading too deeply into things. I'm a big nerd.

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