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Nintendo Switch


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Meh, I'll pass. No need for a portable myself and other than it's ability to "switch" that they seemed to be trying to drive home in this promo I see nothing new here. If this is replacing the WiiU I am not impressed in the slightest. 

I am Rob aka MaximumRD aka OldSchoolRetroGamer and THIS is my world http://about.me/maximumrd

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Meh, I'll pass. No need for a portable myself and other than it's ability to "switch" that they seemed to be trying to drive home in this promo I see nothing new here. If this is replacing the WiiU I am not impressed in the slightest. 

My feelings as well. This is basically a Neo Geo X Gold with the Nintendo name and obvious controller difference, etc. It almost appears to be a step backward from the Wii but I don't really know enough about it I guess. The other serious problem now seems to be the amount of entertainment options in general. PC Gaming, PSVR, my occasional obsession with classic games and basic movies and such in general already exceed any amount of spare time I have as it is.


I can appreciate that they're willing to try something different but it just seems like a smaller form factor of the WiiU anyways, no? There seems to be some actual excitement behind it. I'm more excited, if that's the word you want to use, about their mini NES console than the NX/Switch.

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I will say it really seems like another gadget for the Nintendo specific fans yet again. I get it, Nintendo is not competing with anyone else, they haven't for some time, I just wish they WOULD but clearly they never intend to again. I just not been into Nintendo exclusive titles for a long time and I am betting the 3rd party support will be same as always meaning very little and what there IS of it will be just be ports of games that are dummied down version for a less powerful console. Oh it would be nice if instead they released specific games that played to this new devices strengths (like Nintendo originally promised with the WiiU) but instead 3rd parties don't seem to want to support Nintendo with good exclusive titles anymore. I wish that were not the case BUT YOU KNOW IT IS GOING TO BE :P

I am Rob aka MaximumRD aka OldSchoolRetroGamer and THIS is my world http://about.me/maximumrd

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I guess I'm the lone hold out here, but what I saw of the Switch rather excited me.


The name is a bit wonky, but that's not a new thing with Nintendo. (GameCube, N64, Wii, WiiU, just to name a few...)


The Switch looks fresh, though, and the number of 3rd Party developers that say they have a hat in the ring to make a game for it seems to be quite a bit larger than there was for the WiiU. We'll have to wait and see if that really does pan out.


Long story short, though, I really want a Switch, and this may turn out to be the third time I ever purchase a console brand new.


That... And I REALLY want to play Breath of the Wild.

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"I'd buy that for a dollar!" -Smash T.V.

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Nintendo are far from the only one's taking risks and have been for a long, long time..



Sega risked everything on Online Gaming being the next big thing, rather than putting a DVD drive in the Dreamcast, backed wrong horse....



MS, having studied data taken from online 360 owners, thought people were more interested in TV/Movies etc than games, hence XB1 designed to have your Digital/Cable TV plugged in, Kinect bundled as standard, plus they gambled that Sony would use faster Ram, but far less of it, than XB1, 2-4 G at most....lost that bet....paid a high price this generation.



Having watched the cringeworthy advert for Switch...



Amazes me that because it's a Nintendo handheld, the sheer size of the damn thing suddenly isn't an issue..that's why i have a bag/carry case was 1 smug reply i read online, yet people to this day slag off the Lynx MK 1 for it's size....



It's not a new concept here, is it?


Neo Geo X Gold done the whole hybrid/docking station lark, PSP Slim had TV out etc.


Nvidia Shield was a games tablet but with proper controls.



It's what the Wii U should of been and seems to of delighted the Nintendo faithfull :)



But so far for myself, it joins Sony with Move, Eyetoy and VR, MS with Kinect etc as being all about the gimmick.




Without killer titles that utilise the unique features, these are just expensive attempts at bonding age old game mechanics with latest gimmicks.



After all the hype, so dissapointing.....



I had hoped for something that'd shake up those involved in this arms race...1080P, no 4K, 30 fps, no 60 FPS, no 120 FPS...most powerful..blah blah snorefest the industry has degenerated into, instead it's gimmicks ahoy...

It was funny to see them "showing off" that their machine could play Skyrim, a 6 year old game.

"For you - Rowsdower from the 70 - have been appointed Omnivisioner of the Game Grid."  ~ Atari Adventure Square

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You are not alone, Lee, it sort of excited me as well. It also explains Nintendo's interest in moble gaming over the past several months. I liked the concept they showed about multiplayer gaming. It makes sense what Nintendo is trying to do and appears, with a single console, is compete in a tablet market. But, all kidding aside, I will be keeping an eye out for Switch and Mini Classic. As long as the price seems fair I might go with it but it all depends on the games.

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Did they actually push any hardware specifications? I didn't think I did. I just am waiting for the Wii U to get even cheaper.

Though nothing solid I am hearing an Nvidia Tegra variant? 




I did find THIS posted in a few articles. TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT UNTIL CONFIRMED.


 Nintendo Switch specifications

After Nvidia's last showing with the RSX chip on the PS3, the Nintendo Switch will be sporting a custom Tegra processor, another leak that has come true. According to Nvidia, it's a "high-efficiency scalable processor includes an Nvidia GPU based on the same architecture as the world’s top-performing GeForce gaming graphics cards." The idea is, according to the company, to allow blistering fast to the mainstream, building NVN - a new API to make this possible, along with a new physics engine, advanced game tools, and libraries to boot. Though nothing has been said of its raw performance numbers, its developer kits allegedly sport the following specifications:

  • Four ARM Cortex-A57 cores, max 2GHz
  • Nvidia second-generation Maxwell architecture
  • 256 CUDA cores, max 1GHz, 1024 FLOPS/cycle
  • 4GB RAM (25.6 GB/s, VRAM shared)
  • 32 GB storage (Max transfer 400 MB/s)
  • USB 2.0 and  3.0
  • 1280 x 720 6.2-inch IPS LCD
  • 1080p at 60 fps or 4k at 30 fps max video output
  • Capcitance method, 10-point multi-touch

I am Rob aka MaximumRD aka OldSchoolRetroGamer and THIS is my world http://about.me/maximumrd

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As I stated above, I admire their continued willingness to innovate in design to deliver a somewhat unique experience. The reason I pass on modern Nintendo consoles is that (1) while I enjoy their classic IP, I feel like I've played all of the Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc. that I really want to, and (2) because they don't produce consoles with comparable tech specs to PC, MS or Sony, third party support is lackluster. The original Wii was likely the last Nintendo console I'll purchase.

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The question I would have for those that are skeptical:


What exactly would blow your socks off? 


When I ask myself that question, I come up with a shrug of the shoulders. 


In my opinion, Nintendo is not bothering to compete with Sony and Microsoft anymore.  They are taking on the "tablet/phone" gaming market.  Gaming on tablets and phones is very popular, but not very good (due to bad controls).  They are trying to bridge the gap between mobile and home systems.  It's an interesting approach, and probably a good one if you really stop to think about it.  How many of us still game on a DS or 3DS?   I still do and still love it.  There's nothing better than those really.  I'd love to see something better.  Sony tried with the Vita, but that was just more of the same-old, same-old.  Add in the fact that you can then just plug it in at home to play the same games on a bigger screen.  I know, been done before...but needs to be perfected. 


Well, that's my take anyways.  I know this thing looks like it has too many doo-dads and may be too complex.  But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and see what they can come up with. 

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A few quick thoughts on the Nintendo Switch announcement:

Disclaimer: This is coming from someone who was pioneering AR/VR 15 years ago while also enthralled with classic gaming. My perspective on the industry is usually pretty wonky.



  • I wonder if all the Game Boy fans who’ve trashed Atari Lynx for the past 25 years as being “too big to fit in your pocket” will come up with a reason as to why that logic doesn’t apply to Nintendo Switch as a handheld.
  • Overall I’m disappointed. It did not “wow” me the way I had hoped it would. We didn’t see anything more than the rumors we’ve already heard. Is there more to come?
  • It makes sense for Nintendo to integrate their console games and portable games into one line. The concept seems basic. Will this have the massive appeal of Game Boy? Or the limited appeal of Wii U?
  • It’s an odd choice to have the “Switch” branding so massive but omit the Nintendo logo from the obvious places, centered under the screen etc.
  • The preview video featured 20-30somethings almost exclusively. No kids. No families. Why? That’s Nintendo’s bread and butter. Do they think NX is moving away from that demo?
  • Nintendo share value dropped 6.5% following Switch reveal. Investors evidently aren’t happy: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2016/10/nintendo_share_value_drops_6_5_percent_following_switch_reveal
  • The industrial design is uninspiring. It doesn’t look fun, inviting or modern. It reminds me of my Iomega Zip Drive from 1998. And, frankly, the textured black plastic isn’t differentiated much from an Atari cartridge. Sony and Microsoft consoles have a sleek, modern finish, as do mobile products from Apple, Google and others. I’m open to “different and innovative” but this looks very generic. It’s like one of those “Dreamcast 2” hoax renderings people post in Deviant Art. Disappointing.
  • The controller design reminds me of the Ouya controller.
  • Can I use Switch to watch Netflix on the go? Instagram? Facebook? Atari I/O?
  • Is Nintendo Switch also a tablet? No? If not, why not? Mobile gaming isn’t a novelty that requires a separate purchase. Mobile gaming is big right now because people have already invested money into their mobile devices and carry them almost everywhere. (Money spent on phones and tablets likely would have gone into other tech purchases 10-20 years ago). If Nintendo Switch could take the place of a tablet purchase it would attract more people to buy Switch instead of iPad, Surface, etc. Instead, this seems like an additional purchase to people who likely already have a tablet AND home console.
  • I remember how excited I was whenever a new system would be released. I made a whole video about this excitement with the Atari VSX. I was so excited for SNES I got a Super Famicom straight from Japan when it was released. I don’t feel that deep child-like excitement for Switch. Not yet. I wish I did.
  • What if there were custom interchangeable controllers released for certain games? This is the best hypothetical use of the Nintendo Switch concept: http://www.polygon.com/2016/10/20/13351936/nintendo-switch-controller-concepts



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Well it did not wow me ether but I am excited because I do love Nintendo almost as much as Atari. They have always looked to be different and in a lege of their own. Honestly I think it is going to take a lot for them to top the Wii wow factor. That was great technology when it came out and have yet to really see them top that. I have a teenage daughter so we will for sure get one of these at some point. Another reason I love Nintendo is I am a sucker for the Zelda games and Donky Kong Country games which you can only get on Nintendo of course. They have me sold on their exclusive games and there for no matter what I will be a sucker for buying the newest gaming system just for those games alone. ....... My 13 year old on the other hand think the new switch is awesome. I can wait a couple years for the price drop.

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First of all, my theory why some of us (myself included) feel that new systems no longer induce the "wow" factor feeling. 

Graphical leaps are getting smaller and smaller.

Going from 2600 to NES...Wow!



From NES to Genesis...WOW!



Grainy FMV on Sega CD...Wow!

Genesis to PS1...Wow!



PS1 to PS2...Wow!



PS2 to PS3...meh.



Here's another one. Mario kept looking better and better, but once the gamecube version hit, he didn't really improve all that much.



We're visual people, but the room for improvement is getting smaller and smaller. It's actually smart that Nintendo is focusing on innovation. (Wii, DS, 3DS, Wii-U)

Yes, they have had some duds (Virtual Boy and Wii-U as far as sales go).


Switch doesn't floor me, but it does intrigue me. I like the option to play on either a TV or laying on the couch while someone else is watching TV.  The 3DS is my current favorite system and Nintendo is my favorite game maker. Even if it was just another plain system, I'd probably be interested just for the next games in series such as Zelda and Mario Kart.


Two last thoughts:

1) Portable no longer means having to fit in your pockets, thanks to massive smart phones and iPads.

2) I hate to say it, but we (who grew up in the 80's and 90's) are no longer the target audience.  Now it's all about Millennials, who, on the whole, have different tastes than us. I believe that is who the trailer was targeting. However, future ads may target more kids and families. 

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Justin, you voiced many things that were my concern too.    The first thing I thought of was that it looked like a glorified android device.

It will end up being all about the games.  If they can get the big publishers to pay attention, they might do okay. 

I  think they have given up on the fighting the big 2 and are just sticking with their niche. 

"For you - Rowsdower from the 70 - have been appointed Omnivisioner of the Game Grid."  ~ Atari Adventure Square

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The question I would have for those that are skeptical:


What exactly would blow your socks off? 



I would have been impressed if they had made a new home gaming console with no gimmicky crap, instead have current gen hardware and a new relationship with game publishers so that in addition to your big 3 or 4 standard (Mario, Zelda, Kart, Party) games you can also give people a console that plays the games other gamers are playing.


Let your 3DS be your portable, and make a new HOME console.   Then you'll impress me at least as much as PS or XBox have.

"For you - Rowsdower from the 70 - have been appointed Omnivisioner of the Game Grid."  ~ Atari Adventure Square

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