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Just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself to everyone. I love all things Atari, and I'm very into retro and modern gaming. My consoles range from pre-crash to Xbox One.


I live in the West Michigan area, so if I have some Midwest flavor or tendencies in my posts that's why :-)


Hoping to contribute where I can, and looking forward to learning more from other members about this amazing hobby!

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Welcome to the forums Starbuck66!!


It's fantastic to have you join us! I think you're really going to like it here. There is a very friendly, positive feel to this community with lots of great people and fun events.


The forums were built to be fun and welcoming. Our members are the most awesome classic gamers out there, everyone is friendly and trusting and having this type of a community has led to some great trades, fun events, retro junk boxes, and lots more. Everybody is here because they really want to be, and it's resulted in a great community.

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