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Atari 5200 Video Series

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Atari 5200 Video Series  

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  1. 1. A video series that puts the 5200 in the spotlight. Would this interest you?

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I'm creating this poll because I am seriously planning on doing a video series that places the 5200 in the spotlight for a change.  Many video game videos I have watched briefly talk about this beautiful console...but they rarely talk about the good points of the console.  


What I have in mind would discuss the console in a way that is truthful but also like a what-to-do and what-not-to-do showcasing the advantages and disadvantages of owning a 5200, how to approach it, what to expect, what not to expect, controller rebuild tutorials, game reviews, how to play the games from the 5200 point-of-view, etc.


I would like to know if Atari.IO members think this would be a good video series to do.  It would be YouTube videos for my blog here on Atari.IO.  It would be easier to do the videos instead of writing the blog posts because there are so many things to talk about and points to make that words and a few pictures sometimes can't capture or get across.  Oh...it would also need a name of which I have not thought of yet.  


Thanks in advance for taking the time to express your thoughts and giving your feedback on this.  Long live Atari!

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I think there is not enough spotlight on the 5200 compared to other consoles, even other Atari consoles, why not? 

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