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Wondering if anyone else has tried this game? I just got into it a couple months ago, and participated in an event at my local game shop yesterday. I love how inexpensive it is to get into, and how fast it plays. It's like you can get your miniature strategy game fix in cheaply and quickly, with very easy rules.



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A collectible card game is it?


I have played many of those, and I do enjoy them even if I can't afford them.


Tanks are fun, I've played many hours of Word of Tanks, and some Armored Warfare too.

No, this uses plastic miniatures you assemble. They have another game that preceded it called Flames of War that was larger scale tank battles and used die cast minis, but it was very expensive to get into. This game, you can buy a starter set that comes with 3 tanks for 25 bucks, and single tanks that can often be used in multiple configurations for about 10 bucks each.


I play World of Tanks on the Xbox One, and it's probably why I got into this new tabletop game, because they are very similar.

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