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Nintendo to halt Wii U production?

Kid A

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Wow.  That was a short run.  Almost as short as the Dreamcast.  I really hope that Switch pulls Nintendo in the right direction.  I do have some high hopes for the new system.  With the way that most of society likes things on the go, and are rarely without cellphones and/or tablets, Nintendo Switch makes the most sense to me.  But I also fear that Nintendo will end up going against Apple and Google who have been doing the mobile thing for a long time now.


As for the Wii U...while it was nice I never seen the point.  Maybe if I pick up a Wii and try the games to see what I missed (or didn't miss) might give me more insight to what the Wii U was about.  I did like the fact how local gamers would say they tablet doubled as the system's screen but I didn't think it was worth the asking price.  Another Nintendo system bit the dust already.  I really couldn't see the video game world without Nintendo.  However shady and unpredictable they have conducted business in the past it just wouldn't be the same without them.    

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I think the Wii u is a vastly underrated console. The way games used the game pad was pretty awesome especially in the Legend of Zelda games. No need to pause the game, switch weapons, unpause then resume play. It was a quick glance down, slide weapon to a button and that's it. I hope they continue to make games for it. Hopefully this news is false. ...especially with the LoZ:Breath of the Wild hype. Although it's coming out for the switch as well...

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