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Nintendo Of America Shows Off Its Unreleased Sky Skipper Arcade Cabinet

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Nintendo Of America Shows Off Its Unreleased Sky Skipper Arcade Cabinet










Build it.......... and we will come! I love this game ever since I found it on MAME!!

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Thanks for sharing this Arenafoot! I was preparing to post this myself. I'm fascinated with this sort of history, and when Nintendo opens the kimono a bit, so to speak, there's usually something very cool for them to show off.


Here's a quick look at the game:






Some interesting bits from Nintendolife's article:


Sky Skipper was one of a number of arcades planned to arrive after the success of Donkey Kong. It was play-tested and marketed in the US but ultimately canned in 1982, making it immediately fascinating to retro arcade enthusiasts. Though ROMS have found their way online and the game actually has an Atari 2600 iteration, no complete cabinets are known to exist - only a very small number of PCBs.


Whitney recently gained access to the only Sky Skipper arcade ever made which is hidden away at the vaults of Nintendo of America. The Sky Skipper Project team were able to spend several hours taking scans and photos of this prototype cabinet.


The cabinet has the serial number 001 and was playtested at the nearby University campus in the early 80s, but unfortunately it wasn't a hit so plans to roll it out further were scrapped. This prototype cabinet is therefore the only one ever made. It's also going to be a massive help with the restoration project - before the team were granted access they had intended to use a promotional flyer as reference.



From Nintendolife:

Nintendo Of America Shows Off Its Unreleased Sky Skipper Arcade Cabinet

Hidden away in the vaults


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