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Best Lynx Games

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So for starters, no, I don't have a Lynx, but it is on my wish list. For now, I use Handy PSP on, you guessed it, my PSP. It seems to work very well, and it's allowed me to at least get a glimpse into what I was missing not being one of the proud and few Lynx owners in the 90's.


The games I've tried and enjoyed the most so far are Ninja Gaiden, Xenophobe, and my absolute favorite, Chips Challenge. I played Chips Challenge in the Microsoft Entertainment Pack in Windows 3.11 on our 386, and I was geeked to get my hands on the original portable version to play on my PSP.


Just looking for more suggestions on what games to try out next?

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A lot of these have been touched on already but I'll just throw in my 2 cents.


Not to be missed:

Xybots, Chips Challenge, California Games, Joust, Roadblasters, S.T.U.N Runner, Zaku, Toki, Rampart, Rampage, Crystal Mines, Xenophobe, Super Asteroids/Missile Command, Battlewheels, Battlezone 2000 (hidden game), and Kung Food (because, despite the hit detection issues it's $2 NIB and completely weird.)


I also really like the Lynx versions of Klax, Ms. Pac-Man, Robotron 2084, Rygar and Pac-land, but there are better versions out there.

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The Lynx is my favourite Handheld, despite the PSP, PSV, 3DS, DS, GBC, GB, GBA and all the others. These are my dearly beloved titles without precedence:










Blue Lightning


Checkered Flag


I want to like Chips Challenge, but i can't. It is surely a great title, but i can't go with it. Sorry for that.


Oh mess! There are also Xybots and Warbirds. It's really hard to appoint some favourites. :o

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The Lynx is a great system.  To me there wasn't a real contender until the PSP came out.  Klax and STUN Runner are definitive must-haves.  If you can get your hands on Zaku, that's another one to get.  Ms. Pac-Man is also an excellent port with some original mazes that take advantage of the entire width of the screen.  If you have a chance, be sure the LCD replacement screen as it makes the games look bloody awesome!

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