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Kid A

So Cal Retro Gaming Expo 2017

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Don't know if anyone has heard but the SCRGE is returning it's being held in a different venue. It's being held at the Ontario Convention Center on February 4th and 5th. I will definitely be attending! It would be awesome to see some of you there!



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So did anyone go to this besides me? Over all, the show was ok. There was not much as far as atari goes, there was nothing there that was available for sale that when i saw it, i had to have it (although i did find tengen tetris for a good price and ive always wanted a copy) there was an auction that was ehh....(theres a story to tell about this. Keep an eye out for a post in the prototype forum soon) and it was super bowl weekend which means sunday was somewhat slow.


The best thing to me about the show was having the opportunity to do this....




Thats me holding the Nintendo Playstation prototype. It was so awesome seeing this in person let alone getting to hold this piece of gaming history. Even though there was a CIB stadium events i got to hold as well, this was way cooler knowing that theres only one of these.


Heres the stadium events.





Not many of us got to hold these. They were put into glass cases when the show started. Both owners of both items were really nice people. The owner of stadium events lives local to me and ive seen him multiple times and we chat all the time now. Hopefully ill be able to see his collection soon in person. Ive seen pics of it and its insane.

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