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Vampire2 Accelerator Fitted for Atari ST…

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Hi, all,


Sorry again for the long hiatus, but I am here with some special and exciting news. I have heard on AtariAge that the Vampire2 accelerator for the Commodore Amiga line of computers has been fitted for the first time in an Atari 1040STF computer. It looks to have a 68080 processor that can perform like a Falcon with a 68060 clocked at 150 MHz (the fastest 68060 was 75 MHz), and has 128 MB of fast RAM onboard the accelerator. Here is the link for that forum topic:




Please feel free to read on about this developing situation. I do not know when this accelerator will be fully ready for the ST/TT/Falcon line. But, thanks for letting me share this information anyway. :)

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