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Played Some Genesis Tonight and More Memories

Atari 5200 Guy

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She spoiled me for sure.  But she was more than a Mom...she was my best friend in the world.  We did a lot together and I don't know how many times Mom would say I wasn't going to school that day.  Instead we would go somewhere.  It took me a long time to understand why she did things like that but came to the conclusion she didn't want to be by herself.  She had asthma really bad.  She had more bad days than good ones.  So if she wasn't feeling comfortable being by herself she would not send me off to school.  Instead we would pile up in the car and just go shopping.  Out of town of course.  And I believe the trip in my story above was one of those days.


One of the trips I do remember us taking was right before I got my driver's license.  She was trying to tell me not to get tickets and to watch my speed.  I wasn't driving of course.  It wasn't five minutes after she said that when she got pulled over.  She got a ticket for doing 65 in a 55.  Great example, eh?

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that's a great story and scheme between her and the owner of the store.


I'm sure the Granny-approval sealed the deal, if you were playing Firefly for 2600 thered be no tears of joy :P

Thanks.  I'm not sure if Granny was involved or not.  But her and my mother were very good at being secretive.  Firefly?  Naa ... I went outside to catch those :P

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