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Arcade Dude 44

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Hi all, I'm very new to this forum, but I'm already staring to really like it! :)


I also have a YouTube channel.  Here's my current motto:  It's not about what's there now, it's about what will be there, once I get things set up!


My channel is the same as my name on this forum (and on XBox Live, PSN, and just about everywhere else):  Arcade Dude 44

I'm really looking forward to being a member in this awesome community. :)

My YouTube Channel: youtube.com/arcadedude44

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What an absolutely AWESOME unboxing video Arcade Dude! Thank you so much for such kind words. Really glad ET found its way to a new home that will truly appreciate it, and it's cool to see this stuff unboxed from someone received prizes that we sent out.


Lost Ark Video Games are friends of our and members of the forum. They have an awesome retro arcade and video game store and have been really great to the Atari community so we like to give them a shout out when we can. We're not affiliated with them but include their stickers and token purses sometimes in our prize shipments, just because they're so awesome. They helped with the hand-made buttons as well.


Great to have you in the forums Arcade Dude, hope you enjoy E.T.!

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