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ANOTHER DIRTY ROOM - Dan Bell explores nasty hotel rooms

The Professor

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Dan Bell, creator of the Dead Mall Series, has created a new series called "Another Dirty Room" exploring and exposing the horrible things found in dirty hotel rooms.


I'm posting this thread under "New Adventures" because the series is like a "Urban National Geographic Explorer" and has little to do with the everyday video game community on YouTube. The first episode of "Another Dirty Room" went up last night. What you are about to see is pretty gross, but nothing too surprising. Each episode is followed a week later by "Check Out Time" which is the commentary, bonus footage, and Luminol results for the previous episode of "Another Dirty Room". Enjoy!




ANOTHER DIRTY ROOM Ep. 1 : Cesspit From Hell: The Midtown Inn Baltimore



Follow Dan:





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I really need to stop EATING while I watch this. Every time I watch this show I settle in with a snack and drink. I get 2 mins in and can't eat anymore. Rick eating that hotel soap made me lost my appetite. And that was before they found the coke and everything else in that room. That hotel is definitely worse than the El Rich  :pile:

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It really makes me wonder how do these places stay open? Dont health inspectors read the reviews?



That's a great point! I wonder if they don't have health inspectors going in. Some of the hotels are just a little messy but these most recent hotels should be condemned. They're like something out of a horror film  :wreck-it-ralph:

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