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CGA Graphics - Not as bad as you thought!

The Professor

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I don't remember a single person that used CGA in composite mode.  All I know is CGA graphics were a huge step down for anyone with an Atari 8-bit or Commodore 64. 


My very first PC had an EGA card, which was much better than CGA.  I don't think the PC became a viable gaming platform until VGA and the earliest Voodoo cards came out. 

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I'm pretty sure our first family computer, a Tandy 1000sx had a CGA card on it... I remember using a composite out to a 13" black and white to play games we couldn't play on our monochrome monitor. It definitely got the job done! I was really glad when we upgraded to an IBM PS/2 386 machine with VGA though... :-)


Edit: So after I actually watched the video (silly me) maybe some of the games I ran weren't Tandy graphics compatible? Sounds like the Tandy may have had graphics closer to EGA of the game supported it? Hoping he does his follow up video on Tandy graphics. I do remember pushing that thing to its limits; I had to arrange files carefully between a low density 3.5 floppy and a low density 5.25 floppy to get Streetrod II working on it.

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