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I just got a Famicom

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Good you picked this up, I recently purchased this famicom clone in Panama for... 6.99 what??? I had to get it, I haven't tried it yet, but for the price, can't go wrong, see attached pics.


That's awesome!  Love the Famiclones that look like other game systems.  There are also clones that look like a PS1, a PS2, a PS3, an Xbox...

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It doesn't have a cd, it's a cartridge slot, odd that it looks like a wii, it's called vii, lol

Famiclones come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. N64 controllers, Original Playstation's, PSOnes, PSOne's painted to look like soccer balls.. 

This is what I use to play my Famicom carts until I get a Sharp Twin!!! NES in the front and Fami on the top!!!! 


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