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Amstrad GX4000

Atari Creep

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So I came across this bad boy tonight in a Tweet. Looked it up because I thought the console looked interested. I have heard of Amstrad but seeing I am in the states I do not have much knowledge of them. This console however caught my eye!!!!! I think I am in love. :wub:  haha


Anyone on here have any experience with the GX4000? I would love to know what one of you know first hand and what you think of the unit. From what little I know, it is hard to get your hands on one. I guess they did not selling well due to lack of advertising. The games are expensive but I think I still want one! The console is sexy and the games look nice. Reminds me of a Snow Speeder from Empire Strikes Back. HAHA


Thanks guys!!!  :100:  :martini:


Don't just watch TV, PLAY IT!

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I know it is a rare pretty much failed console. Oddly, there is actually a flashcart for it! 


Here is a video (not mine) DESCRIPTION 


"Published on Mar 3, 2016

The unsucessful console Amstrad GX4000 gets a new life with the new flashcart C4CPC. With it, not only You can run the few games released for this obscure console but you can run homebrew games and especially you can run CPC games (both 464 and 6128) converted for it. Note that nowadays is difficult to buy games for this console because they are not common and usually they are expensive."



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All great info guys. Thanks a ton. In was able to learn more about it here and on a few sites.


I guess what I was more looking for is personal experiences with the console should anyone on here have one. I think after the holidays are over I am on a quest. Such an interesting little unit.


Thanks again guys! You folks rule.

Don't just watch TV, PLAY IT!

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Absurd prices here in UK put likes of myself ever trying one, when i was a Retro collector....


Wishing you the very best in tracking 1 down and looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it.


You might find some of it's games bloody frustrating...


Navy Seals looks superb (for 8bit hardware) but your terrorist foes are pretty ruthless, move very quickly, all seem crack shots and your basically wearing a massive bullseye on your back when your climbing ladders.....

I will keep an eye out for one but not going to be too active in looking for one. If it comes my way then awesome. If not, oh well!!!!! It is a hard one to find at a reasonable price for sure!!!!

Don't just watch TV, PLAY IT!

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