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Megaoids cartridge new game for Atari 8-bit now available $39.95 from Video 61


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Megaoids - Blasteroids type game now available on cartridge for $39.95 just in time for CyberMonday. The game was influenced by the arcade Blasteroids game. Instead of lives, you have shield energy that go down everytime you collide with an asteroids or exotic matter. The shield energy gets recharge when making contact with those glowing spinning orbs that pop up after destroying the asteroids. This also has fast moving laserbolts, can shoot multiple bolts at once. The game is full of sound effects, power ups, and exotic matter that redirect, grow, or clone the asteroids.

I made a game many years ago in Turbobasic XL, many years ago around 1990. I decided to rewrite it totally in assembly language. I took the original font from its Turbobasic counterpart and updated it for this machine language version. As many of us know a 100% machine language port can run and play much smoother. There are more things can be done at the assembly language level that is hard to do in Complied Turbobasic. The Turbobasic version ran into limitations and I always wanted to do better. The orbs are now animated and move, no longer have slow downs, have stars in the background, and many more things move at the same time.


Features: Fast Pace Games with Mulitcolor graphics.

Selection of Controller Type: Joystick (Default), Keyboard, Paddle, Trackball (Indy 500 or mouse) controller.

(The Trackball) option goes by "Grey Code" left right input, so if you know your input device outputs to the computer using it, the game should be able to read it.

Solid original Atari 8-bit cartridge shell.
The game is available here.



We have also release Laser Blast X on the same day. Megaoids was originally intended to be release in early October but was delayed due to personal issues with a member of our team.













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