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2600 Jr. Clone

Atari Creep

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Wanted to know if anyone collects clone VCS/2600 hardware? I really want one called Rambo TV Games! This is one I got my hands on a few years ago.






Best I can find out, it is a clone made in or for Australia though it is not PAL?????






It has 32 built in games. The first game will load if there is no cart in the slot and there is a button on the back that you use to select through the different titles. It is an interesting list of games from both Atari and a number of 3rd party developers.






Sadly the player 1 controller port has a broken pin, the pin used for the left direction on the joy stick. Just haven't gotten around to replacing it.   

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I think this particular one is either from Mexico (which uses NTSC) or Brazil (which uses PAL-M, which is still 30hz and 525 scanlines).


You can find the same clone for sale on the Central/South American version of eBay, Mercado Libre.  Here's one from their Mexico site, for example.  There are similarly manufactured clones with even more built in games, though a number of the games often don't work.


The built-in games on this clone are almost certainly the same as the ones included on Atari's 32-in-1 cart that came with PAL 2600 Jr models... but I'm curious to know if they aren't!

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What are the 32 built in games?

Here is the video I made for it. If you FF to about 6:50 or so I show the games. Just to let you know, I was fresh out of the hospital and on pain killers when I made this video so I slure a bit. Hahaha Don't know why I keep it up. Maybe I should remake it.


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You only showed 31 games:


Space Jockey
Flag Capture
Slot Racers
Air-Sea Battle
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe
Human Cannonball
Miniature Golf
Sky Diver
Space War
Slot Machine
Sky Jinks
Home Run
Fishing Derby
Laser Blast

Here's a photo of it with the box:




There are similarly manufactured clones with even more built in games, though a number of the games often don't work.


That page says it either has 64 games or 128 :)  If you notice, the sticker in the upper-left says 22 games with the switch to the left, and 64 to the right (for a total of 86?):




Looks similar to this JR with 128, but the sticker in the upper-left corner may be different:



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OK...the Bit 7000 is interesting.  It's like a Famicom-2600 hybrid.  Kinda cool in way but I'm not feeling the color scheme.  Black with red accents would have been much better in my opinion.  The Activision model did look pretty cool.  I often wonder what ever happened to the molds for the 2600 models.  It would be nice to see the current Atari pick one up and start making them with the built-in games and the cartridge port.  It also wouldn't hurt for the aurrent Atari developers to get involved with making 2600 games.  Just my opinion.  

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