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Squad Challenge - Centipede (Atari 7800)

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The guy in this video -- Duc Dang -- is a friend of mine and he's been tutoring me on all things Centipede for the past couple of years. :)

Strategies he's shared with me that I use (including on the 7800):

- "Tunnel down the middle" -- that is, fire from the home position repeatedly so that when you hit the centipede, mushrooms form on either side, eventually building a tunnel that will guide the centipede straight down (useful mainly on levels when the centipede is fully or mostly intact), making it easy to blast the centipede away. Shoot away mushrooms that form in the middle. (On the arcade version, shoot toward the thousands digit of the high score; hundreds digit of the high score on the 7800 version.) It might help you to leave one piece of the centipede alone while you clear away some mushrooms on the bottom of the screen, then clear away the final piece of centipede.

- Focus on the bottom third of the screen. (Easier said than done. :)  )


- Be careful with mushrooms on the sides on the lower portion, especially if there's a single-space gap between a mushroom and the left or right border. Blast away those stray mushrooms.


- Use mushrooms as aiming devices, especially ones that are only a small handful of rows above you. When a centipede piece passes under the mushroom, shoot that piece of centipede.


- Break the habit of constantly holding down the fire button, as you can have only one arrow (remember, your player is an elf shooting arrows :)  ) on the screen at a time. If you're constantly holding down the fire button and suddenly a spider comes straight for you, it's impossible to shoot most of the time because there's already an arrow on the screen.


(BTW, the video is out of date; Duc recently broke 800k. Heh...he doesn't consider it a good game unless he gets at least 500k!)

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I'm getting back in the game folks.

few questions:

does screen size matter(no pun intended) my 7800 is on my 46inch tv If have screen format on full it stretches to fit the full screen but at 4:3 ratio it about the size it would be on normal tv or arcade.

also I use genisis controller with seagull adopter, is that allowed,I know some have that and some don't. just trying to be fair.

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sorry for bad picture took it with phone usually I take picks with camera

tried to get screen shot from title screen by time I got it was gone so had get from demo screen

will play more soon(I had put it on my google photos because usb wasn't connecting to right to phone, the sd card on phone either)

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Yes, your controller is allowed. And you can use whatever screen size or stretching you like.

Welcome to the competition and good luck!


Wanted to reaffirm that what Rick said is absolutely :100: correct. When it states "Controller: PLAYER'S CHOICE" in the Squad Challenge (which is almost always) that means you can use any controller under the sun. Atari Joystick, Arcade Stick, Keyboard, 7800 Control Pad, Trak-Ball Controller, anything you want, knock yourself out. What is most important is that you are playing using the original ROM either on an original console or through emulation. No cheats, ROM hacks, etc. are allowed.



thanks wanted to make sure, had few practice rounds highest was 10k, will try again and get picture


Welcome to the competition Dan! This will be a good one!

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Congrats on posting all these awesome scores guys!   :thumb:   :100:   :wreck-it-ralph:  Here are our current standings:



1       dauber                   107,167


2       RickR                       58,868


3       nosweargamer        40,582


4       greenween               34,162


5       Arenafoot                 22,376


6       Dan Iacovelli            16,283

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OK, I'm in. 



Nintendo Wii.

Running Dark UMBRA Wii7800 Emulator.

Wavebird wireless controller.

Fueled by Fluffernutter sandwiches! 


I would post a warm up score but my lady who was in the room making blankets for the Children's Hospital had one look and took over the controller!!! HAHA

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Post her score too!

She is playing on standard mod not advanced but I will once she is done just for a kick!!! She is doing well I will add! For someone that has never played it before anyway.


EDIT: her high score on Standard so far is 14574 after 4 tries. I do not remember who EZY is. haha


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