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Styx and the Alien Crush!

Atari Creep

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So in the interest of sharing a music memory as it relates to retro gaming, I had a friend named Jen growing up. Her family always seemed to have the oddball systems. For example her brother was the only person I know of that had a Vectrex. One day I walked into her place and on the bar was a small TV and a game system called The TurboGrafx 16! Of course I was all over it. I had not heard of it nor would I have known about it until I was in my adult years should they have not had one.


They had 2 games, Keith Courage and Alien Crush. I tried out Keith for a little bit but then moved onto Alien!!!! WOW was I locked on like a fly to a pile of  :pile:! I played it for hours and hours. You need to picture a kid about 5' 8" on a good day, a trench coat, hair on only his chin (much like today) with a cassette walkman! At that time the only tapes I carried with me were Alice Coopers greatest hits and Styx, The Grand Illusion. More times than not Styx was in my walkman.


Its a common statement that a few seconds of music can instantly take you back to a time and place within your own personal experiences. Even smells seem to come back. True is with video games, for me anyway. Anytime I see Alien Crush Styx plays in my head and when I hear Styx that very game comes to mind. MANY hours I would play that game, put on my head phones and the tape would just repeat over and over until the playing was done.


Specifically Ms. America comes to mind. After the synth intro plays, that guitar riff kicks in hard core and that was more times than not the moment I shot that ball onto the play field and that was it, Chris was gone!  Only the game and the music existed, no matter how hard any of them tried to get my attention. Come to think of it, I bet I missed out on a lot of....... Well "time" with my friend Jen!!!!!  :(


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Don't just watch TV, PLAY IT!

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I approve of both albums you chose to tote around.   I used to have KISS in heavy rotation in my Atari/INTV days, but I don't have specific memories of songs/games.

Odd thing is, at the time I was a thrash metal kat. But both my brothers were a bit older than I and spoon fed me all the great jams from the 50s, 60s and 70s!!!!! 

Don't just watch TV, PLAY IT!

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