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Hey, all...just some shameless self-promotion...


Inky from AtariAge and I co-host Pie Factory Podcast. It's an arcade game podcast. What we do, typically:

- We discuss, rate, and share our memories of playing two (2) arcade games.

- The two (2) arcade games have a common theme. The common theme could be something as simple as "games whose titles are compound words" (such as Zoo Keeper and Firefox) to the obscure as "games that Dauber first played at Hunk's Pancake House in Bradley, IL" (Frogger and Asteroids).


Occasionally we veer from the usual format, such as the three episodes we've done to talk about various home consoles (we've discussed the 2600, 7800, and Sega Genesis so far), or one episode that was nothing more than an interview with Brian Colin, designer behind Rampage, Arch Rivals, etc. (Seriously, he's a fascinating and hilarious guy...)


We've been doing the podcast since April of last year, and in the next few days we'll be releasing episode #44, in which we discuss Dig Dug and Pac-Mania.


You can hear the podcast via the usual channels -- iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher...possibly a few other providers I'm forgetting about. We have a Faceobook page, and our web page is at www.piefactorypodcast.com.


We welcome both audio and textual feedback, too!


Oh...yeah...and we won the Golden Poddie Award for podcast of the year for 2015. :)

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Welcome to the forums dauber it's great to have you here! I've listened to the Pie Factory podcast before and thought it was fantabulous. I'm excited that you'll be posting your podcast in here, that's awesome. I'm glad we have another arcade collector in here because that's something we're really into and want to do more with in the site. Having Pie Factory around will be an awesome addition to the family!


We have a dedicated Atari Arcade Games forum here: http://forums.atari.io/index.php/forum/16-atari-arcade-games/


and a general "Arcade Life" forum here: http://forums.atari.io/index.php/forum/28-arcade-life/


It's good to see you here dauber, I'm sure everybody will make you feel welcome :)

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Thanks for the kind words, DeLorean. :)


Full disclosure: not an arcade collector...at all. I'd rather just go to an arcade. (Where I live there's no paucity of them!) For many reasons, I don't think I'd ever want to have an arcade game. Don't have the room for one. And these things require semi-frequent repairs that I'm not really willing to do or have done myself; I'll just leave it to the experts. :)


I DO have a Q*Bert marquee though, and I found the perfect place to hang it; just gotta figure out *how*. :)

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Thanks for the kind words, DeLorean. :)Full disclosure: not an arcade collector...at all. I'd rather just go to an arcade.

Haha well that's close enough! I should've worded that better. It's cool to have another person into arcade games and celebrating "arcade life". That's where gaming culture started :)

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In a very special Pie Factory Podcast, Sean and Jim speak openly and frankly about the games they both rated 5 Continues, with the help of longtime featherless biped Ferg. 'Swonderful. 'Smarvelous. 'Sthe final episode of 2016. What will 2017 have in store?


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The Pie Factory Podcast gang opens the first episode of 2017 with some tender-lovin' discussion of two of everybody's favorite arcade games. Or maybe not EVERYBODY's, I mean...whose favorite game is Mouse Trap? Maybe not yours, but...maybe someone's?? I don't know. Perhaps the episode will end with a huge honkin' explosion.

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I'll be the weird one and post feedback here this time!


First, a brief back story: During the turn of the century, I worked a summer, youth work program run at an inner city church. The basement of the church was used as an area for the youth to hang out and contained four or five original arcade games, all set on free play, including a Pole Position, Donkey Kong and a Neo Geo cabinet with Bust a Move. The condition of the cabinets wasn't the greatest and the kids pretty much ignored them, but for me, it ended up being the first, and so far only times I played Donkey Kong or Pole Position in their original arcade format. Job perk!


Back to the Neo Geo. I was able to open the cabinet and actually see the cartridge it runs on. In the last episode, I believe you mentioned that the cartridges for both the arcade machines and home system are the same, but they are not.


The cartridges for the AES home system look like a supersized cross between Genesis and SNES cartridges:


The cartridges for the MVS arcade system look more like large, VHS tapes and lack artwork:



Also, I don't believe they will work in both systems without an adapter of some sort.


I for one wouldn't mind hearing about more Neo Geo titles as your show continues. Yes there are a lot of fighting games, but it would be interesting to hear about the differences between the original Double Dragon and the Neo Geo Double Dragon. And there are some other Neo Geo non-fighting games that may make for an interesting show such as Bomber Man: Panic Bomber, Crossed Swords, Cyber Lip, Spinmaster, Super Dodgeball, The Super Spy, Viewpoint, Windjammers and the Metal Slug games.


I'm sure they'd be more enjoyable than Prof. Pac-Man  :D

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Feedback time for Gauntlet & Pole Positn'!
I believe Gauntlet 4 on the Genesis was based on the original with some added enhancements, but was called 4 since it allowed 4 players to play at the same time, which was a uncommon for the system. It was also one of the few games that worked with both Sega's four player adapter and EA's four player adapter.
From what I hear, Pole Postin' on a real Intellivision is not that great, but I have yet to play it myself.
I believe the Plug n Play you were talking about was the Ms. Pac-Man version, that didn't have Pac-Man on it. And it wasn't the joystick that turned, but rather the knob on top. But I must say that it is the best way I've found to play Pole Positn' at home. That knob works really well as a steering wheel.
Finally, I agree with Sean agreeing with me that Ms. Pac-Man should've been the pack-in over Pole Position II for the 7800, but now I have proof. I recently read in an old 1996 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly that Ms. Pac-Man was a top 20 hit in sales on the Sega Genesis and was popular enough to get a late release on the SNES. That just goes to show the strength of Ms. Pac-Man. And that was 10 years after the 7800 came out. It's not a knock against Pole Position II so much as it is a recognition of the mass appeal of Lady Pac.

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What is the sound of one hand clapping? Why, it's the next installment of the witty, irreverent, and third adjectiveless Pie Factory Podcast. Sean and Jim go all Williams on y'all for the last episode during meteorological spring; see you in June! (Yes, we're watching you!)



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Guess what...it's time for episode 56!


That's right - episode 56, in which we talk about two Nintendo titles, is out! If we got any more specific, the theme would be too easy to guess! But we hope you enjoy this rollicking little kickoff to summer as your Pie Factory Podcast hosts are joined by a special guest to keep things a bit more under control.



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