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AtariCrypt Collection Volume One - Merry XMAS! folks

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Greeting Atarians, my great Colleague Steve Gregory a.k.a. Ataricrypt has joined forces with me to bring you the Atari ST Scene a very special gift this 2016 xmas :).


I present to you "AtariCrypt Collection Volume One"



In this "FREE" digital magazine with will find over 70 pages of amazing content personally selected from the AtariCrypt Archive by Steve himself, where I come in as the Suit Taylor to dress it up.



The Magazine covers some of the best Atari ST games as well as some great interviews thrown in for your enjoyment, and with AtariCrypt and Greyfox massive fans of the Atari ST Demoscene,

well we just had to include an entire section dedicated to the Demoscene of the present, so please do check that out too. :)




You may direct view the press release and download link here:





So I hope you all will enjoy the labour of our love and that your nostalgic juices and love for the Atari ST will go wild this Xmas.


Merry Xmas everyone


the ST Army of Two


Steve Gregory (Ataricrypt) & Darren Doyle (Greyfox™)

Unofficial Atari: a Visual History



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Hiya pal..many thanks for your generous comments on the magazine, i can't speak for the content magazine throw away on people in order to fill their pages, this magazine is more of a labour of love for the writer Steve and a pet project for me and has turned out brilliantly , I must say. This is Volume one of the archives of his site "AtariCrypt" to which I converted it to a digital Magazine format, we both decided to make it completely free for the supporters of the Atari ST scene and Atari in general, some great guys up there on the facebook pages covering the Atari ST platform.


As regards to future volumes, that's entirely up to Steve, I produced the first one for him but will not be producing any after that, as I've come to my final entry of producing Atari ST content, like with the St Gamer magazine it was a bucket list thing for me and had not idea I'd be doing the third one..lol..but Steve made it easy, having the written word as it was, I simply had to do graphics around it. Something that made the process much easier than doing the ST gamer magazines. So no. I won't be involved after this one.


I have to say though the response we've been given so far has been incredible, both on Facebook and Twitter is simply staggering. every time I come back I had a tonne of notifications etc..so I'm happy I've done my job well again here. 


just to mention ignore all the suggestions Google drive comes up with, simply download it, you'll see the download icon animation in the top corner of your phone to tell you , you are downloading it. I suggest a pdf reader like Acrobat etc. to view properly or a laptop of some kind..also to mention everything within the magazine has been hyper linked, so you simply click on the articles you wish to read and it will bring you directly to them etc..


have a good oner pal.

Unofficial Atari: a Visual History



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I was just about to head over and post this here but glad to see you're spreading it equally about - super impressive looking and makes me want a print edition! =)


Thanks for the amazing mag and amazing work on it! Seriously, not enough kudos can be given!

7800 - 130XE - XEGS - Lynx - Jaguar - ISO: Atari Falcon030 | STBook |STe


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Thank you my friend, both Steve (Ataricrypt) and myself Darren (Greyfox) really appreciate the wonderful praises on the work we took on doing this project.


So as one final gift from me , I've produced in conjunction with AtariNomical Facebook page which also covers the Atari ST platform a again "Free" 2017 Atari ST loading screens A3 calendar, so if you all visit the AtariNomical Facebook you will be able to freely access the download link to my superb Atari ST calendar and scroll down until you see the Calendar post




Enjoy everyone


P.s. If any of you decide to get one of these printed, please take a photo and share it here if you would be so kind, would love to see this in the physical.

Edited by Greyfox

Unofficial Atari: a Visual History



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Wow..very much touched my your comments fella. All the reviews were written by Steve himself which were originally on his website AtariCrypt but where rewritten for the magazine, so really it's all down to him that this actually made it to fruitation in the first place, I'd contacted him in mid September and wanted to actually turn this into a digital magazine to help create awareness for his website, like many ST websites they seem to go unnoticed due to other platforms in cases undeservingly stealing the limelight from the ST or fans simply not known his website exists. Well that shit just got real..lol.


I was just the engine here, were Steve was a car turn, I wanted to do this for him free of charge because of his true passion for the ST and all its quirks and that's who I want to work with when doing a publication , so it was really a no brainier :). But the rabbit hole doesn't end there, in a sneak move I also did that 2017 Atari ST calendar and...wait......for........it....part took in a collective collaboration with a very brand new Atari ST scene release called "Collaboration One" demo slideshow to which I created the opening "STatariART" image is all its 16 colour glory, so also now apart of the ST demo scene circuit. Below is a video of our new demo, I hope to be more involved on their next release. So it looks like we have won fella ;) , he in doors is best to turn in his grave and look the other way now and decompose :)


Thanks for all your awesome feedback and everyone here at Atari IO....Merry Christmas


Unofficial Atari: a Visual History



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