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Greetings from the city of this year's World Series champs!

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Wow, I realized that I've been a member for a few months now (but not very active) but haven't formally introduced myself.

You might recognize my handle from AtariAge. I looooooooooove my 7800 (I'm lucky enough to have one that plays *everything* that it theoretically should, including all the Activision carts and even the Supercharger) and in fact will soon be sharing something that hopefully you 7800 fans will enjoy. Started out with an Atari 2600 4-switcher on Christmas 1982 and have never given it up. I'm not into modern games; they bore me.

I'm a music guy. Amateur musician (guitar, bass, harmonica, bit of piano) and obsessed with the music of The Beatles and Brian Wilson.

Other stuff about me?? Uhh....

Age: 42
Locale: Chicago (and I mean *Chicago*, not a suburb!)
Occupation: web site developer (in fact, if you live in the US, there's a good chance you've actually run some of my code!)
Pets: a beagle
Marital status: very happily married for 17 years
Children: No, thank you.
Religion: Christian but I don't go to church as often as I "should" and I generally keep my religion to myself and don't get preachy -- what works for me works for me, what works for you works for you;
Politics: liberal but I don't associate with any political parties as I feel they're all equally crooked, just in different ways (I always do vote though)
Favorite Atari 2600 game (offically sanctioned): wow, too hard to choose...Jr. Pac-Man is up there (I've been a major Pac-Man fan since 1981), and I've been getting into Megamania and Communist Mutants From Space! lately...
Favorite Atari 2600 homebrew: tie between Ladybug and lately have been getting into Space Rocks
Favorite Atari 7800 game (officially sanctioned): Food Fight by a landslide!
Favorite Atari 7800 homebrew: wow...too hard to pick just one...I love Bob DeCrescenzo's Frenzy/Berzerk twofer and have kinda been getting hooked on K.C. Munchkin! lately
Atari 2600 Coleco conspiracy beliefs: shut up, there's no conspiracy there!
Favorite arcade game: again, too much to name, but I've really been getting into Pigskin lately (and have a TG world record on the "turbo" version of Jr. Pac-Man!)

Oh, and to answer the question that will probably be asked of everybody:

- My handle comes from the character played by Bill Faggerbakke on the TV show Coach, because when I was in college, people told me I looked just like "that guy from Coach" -- and I worked for the college's football team, which just further encouraged the association. :)  And I use Charley Chuck as my avatar because I kinda look like an obese version of him.

I...think that's about it for now...anyway, I've gotten some really great welcomes already, so thanks, everybody!

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A BIG World Series welcome to the forums dauber! It's hard to top the way MaximumRD and Rowsdower70 just summarized the forums. This is a special community with a lot happening and a lot of warm, welcoming retro lovers. Music, movies, and everything else from retro life plays a big part in our culture here along with classic gaming. We love sharing podcasts and YouTube videos. Chatting and trading are big here. Most of all we like having a great time. I think you've come to the right place!

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Nice to meet you! I am also a music guy, I love the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and Food Fight. I play those instruments you mentioned, albeit horribly.


NJ pizza > Chicago pizza (though I do enjoy it, I used to walk all the way across the large mall in which I worked to go to the Chicago style pizza place). Jury's still out on hot dogs.


Welcome to the forums, co-host of the Pie Factory Podcast that you didn't mention.  :rofl:

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Who? ;)


Well, anyways WELCOME!


You should also introduce yourself by busting out the Edladdin Seaguall 78 & Sega Sports Pad and showing them your mad 7800 Centipede skills in this months high score squad challenge!


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Welcome dauber!


I actually played Food Fight for the first time at the 2014 Houston ArcadeExpo, as they had a full size arcade machine there (see attached pic) And I was hooked too! I had never seen or heard of that game during the 80's.


Got my Vectrex on Christmas 1983 and my Atari 2600jr on Christmas 1986. My best friend lived across the street had a VCS and a INTV, so we had gaming covered.


My handle comes from my first AOL account and love for Arena Football.


Atari 2600 homebrews..... you opened a can of worms with that! I've been working on "The most comprehensive Atari VCS/2600 homebrew list ever compiled" since 2013. Its pretty much a spreadsheet that lists title, programmer, publisher, year, price, genre, links to purchase/download, etc. and includes everything from completed games, WIP's, demos, hacks, ports, conversions, etc. The list will never be finished as I'm updating it on a daily basis and still reviewing and adding games made from 1999-2004.


Love deep dish pizza from there! But we still have the best food on the planet down here in Louisiana!!


Again welcome to Atari.IO!




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Dude.....Louisiana...man, all I can say is New Orleans is the most dangerous place to visit if you're trying to watch your weight; oh, man, the po' boys...and the gumbo....


Heh...I loved Food Fight before I ever even played it. September 1983 article in JoyStik got me into it. Never played it until the '90s on Jimmy G's/Inky's Atari 7800...

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I said it before and I'll say it again...... WELCOME DAUBER!! It's great to have you here! I've listened to the Pie Factory podcast before and thought it was fantabulous. I'm excited that you'll be posting your podcast in here, that's awesome. I love arcade culture. Pie Factory is a great listen! That's something we're really into and want to do more with in the site. Having Pie Factory around will be an awesome addition to the family! It's good to see you here dauber, welcome! :)

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