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Dauber's Want List

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ATARI 2600:

Basic Math (gatefold box version)

Demon Attack (CIB, or just the box)

Thunderground (CIB, or just the box and manual)


ATARI 7800:

Dark Chambers (CIB or just the box and manual)

Motor Psycho (just cart, NTSC)



Atari CX-22 trackball -- the one with the NOT-black bottom!

Working Commodore 64 or 128 with power supply...64C preferred but will take what I can get!

Vectrex overlays (except Star Trek)

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Got a Vectrex, eh? Nice! I don't know how you feel about multicarts, but the Sean Kelly cart is a must in my opinion.



Good thing I live about seven miles nearly due east of his store. :)


It was an eBay auction...realized after I paid that it was Scott Stilphen! Heard Ferg mention him a lot. And it comes with the multicart. :) Probably will get the Mateos cart for it too.

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