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Tech Specs added to Atari Console Pages

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I finally got around to beefing up the Atari console pages this week with Tech Specs for each system, plus some other fun stuff too. The pages for Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Atari Lynx, and Atari Jaguar now more granular in detail about what makes these great consoles tick. There was a lot of conflicting info out there to weed through but I think I got it mostly right. The site is still under development with lots of new things to come this year, it feels like a big accomplishment to get things like this online and off of my shoulders. 


For convenience I added html anchor tags at the top of each Tech Specs section of the pages. This can make it much easier for you to share a link a your friend the next time someone says "I wonder what the tech specs were on the Atari 2600" or asks "Was the Jaguar really 64-Bit?". The links will take them directly to that portion of the page without having to scroll through. Hope a few of you guys find this helpful. Enjoy!



Atari 2600 Tech Specs: http://www.atari.io/atari/atari-2600/#specs


Atari 5200 Tech Specs: http://www.atari.io/atari/atari-5200/#specs


Atari 7800 Tech Specs: http://www.atari.io/atari/atari-7800/#specs


Atari Lynx Tech Specs: http://www.atari.io/atari/atari-lynx/#specs


Atari Jaguar Tech Specs: http://www.atari.io/atari/atari-jaguar/#specs



More to come soon, friends  ^_^ 




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