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Well lookie here a real Pizza Timer!

Matt The Franchize

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Hi there,


allow myself to introduce.......myself


My names Matt the Franchize and I am a long time Chuck E. Cheese fan.


I grew up in Corpus Christi TX where I went to the Chuck E. Cheese there very frequently. I had no clue about the rich history CEC had until I was older and I found a website dedicated to CEC, PTT and SPP fans.  I started working at that same location in 2004 as my first and only job at the Chuck E. Cheese. I have been with CEC for 11 years now. I started in the location as a costume character performer and gained more experience while climbing up the ladder. I have worked up my way to the corporate office in Irving TX. I currently work as CEC Call Center Agent full time and part time in the Entertainment Dept. With Entertainment I have performed as "Assistants" for Chuck E. Cheese, Mr Munch, and Pasqually in the videos that play in the locations. I also have been a puppeteer for the videos and have also video edited for the shows as well. I consider myself an "archivist" for Chuck E. Cheese. I am knowledgeable on most content for CEC. I am a huge fan of the Chuck E Cheese concept from the Pizza Time Era to the most recent Rock Star Era. I also have a YouTube channel as well. Please give it a view. Ive got a little bit of everything on the channel. From Pizza Time, Munch's Make Believe Band, to Rock Star, and a lot of my Chuck E. Cheese performances from my 11 years working at CEC. For some reason when I was a kid I also really loved the waving flags in Pizza Time Theatre. I don't know why but it was a cool concept just seeing these flags wave around you. I also use to take my own flags and wave them on stage with the others. Random but fun memory. Thanks for reading!





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