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Hello from Germany

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i am an Atari Kid from Germany. I had gotten my first Atari 2600 on X-Mas 1981. After celebrating the Blog Shows, I was ready to become a member of Atari.io.


Seeing the shows was as meeting old friends of the old golden days. I am a collector of Atari Consoles and a writer of af a german Retro-Magazine called RETURN. We write about new Software and Hardware for old Systems like Atari XL/XE 2600, Colecovision and C64.


In the old day, Atari was THE anything-goes-company who had promised a utopic future for mankind. Only the sound of the word "Atari" brings back fond memories to , So i am glad to find a community which have similar feelings about Atari.


For now i wish all of you a merry christmas and a happy and successfull 2017!!!


Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland!


Martin Bay


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Welcome to the forums TeddyGermany! It's fantastic to have you join us! I think you're really going to like it here. There is a very friendly, positive feel to this community with lots of great people and fun events. We welcome fans of all classic gaming and computer systems from all over the world. WILLKOMMEN!!  :wreck-it-ralph:

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Thanks for all the nice comments. :vulcan_salute:


First of all, please excuse my worse english, i have only few chances to talk and speak, so it feels like walking on high heels. Oh, a rhyme. B)


Ok, Mr. Ballblazer. All had started with a Atari 2600 (what else!) on Christmas 1981. My next Console was the Atari Jaguar in 1995. Later i had bought the Lynx, the 7800 and three years ago the Atari 5200, which wasn't sold in old Europe. But i also collect for Colecovision, Intellivision, Vectrex and all of Sega and Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, 3DO. I own a CD32, because it is a nice little funbringer. But you know the song: We will never forget our first love!



You can get news about Return on our homepage https://www.return-magazin.de/. So far it's only in german. We try to produce an english PDF-version, but this is expensive and difficult. It's only a hobby project for the most of us and so there is no big money to earn and to invest.


Btw: Please check out Sam's Journey, a new plattformer for the C64. i am sure, you will love it. It is announced for next year.

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