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Atari I/O Retro Junk Box 7: The Junk Box Awakens

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I will be hosting the new retro junk box, I asked the professor to move this post to the right place, for some reason I'm not able to post this where it should be, anyways, I'm planning to ship this out around Jan 15, so anyone interested have enough time to join in, rules are listed below




Here's how the Retro Junk Box works


What It Is: Someone fills a large USPS Priority Mail Flate Rate Box full of retro-related items and sends it to another member. They take out what they want, fill it back up and send it to the next person. It keeps going until it returns to the original sender.


History: The first Retro Junk Box started as a collaboration between The Retro League and Cartoon Retrocast podcasts. It has also been done by The Retroist and The Retro Junkies Network.


Who Can Participate: This is open to members in good standing who have reached Orange Status* (or successful traders with at least 50 posts here), have been a registered Atari I/O member for at least 90 days, live in the US and have been active in the forums or chats during the last month. (See your Avatar to see the fruits you have earned).

* Orange Status is mysteriously rewarded between 100 & 150 posts.


What is Required: Participants must send the box out within 3 days of getting it, pay for the postage to send it out ($18.75) and must post a photo or video of what they took out. (leave the rest as a mystery!)


Items Taken Out MUST Be Replaced With Items Of Equal Or Greater Value: The Retro Junk Box celebrates the generous and friendly spirit of the forums! Those who participate will be expected to contribute to the spirit of the Retro Junk Box, and must replenish the box with items of an equal or greater value than what they chose to take out.


Those who abuse the generosity of other participants will be denied the opportunity of participating again. Egregious violations will result in the offending member losing prize and event participation privileges, or worse, being removed from the site.


Other Notes: Since it is free to do so with Priority Mail, I would insure the box for $50 to help pay to fill another one in the unlikely event that the USPS ever lost it. Please keep the box mostly (at least 51%) gaming related. Newer items are ok if they are retro related in some way. Please try to be fair in what you replace value wise and please no duplicate games on the same system. Please avoid putting in broken items/games if possible. Please use packing material to fill in nooks and crannies to prevent items from getting broken. (Plastic bags work good for this)


Feel free to reuse and decorate the box!


If you meet the requirements and agree to the terms, please let me know by responding to the thread along with what state you are located in so we can begin to order the list. DO NOT POST YOUR FULL ADDRESS HERE :)


Also, if you need to be on a certain spot on the list, because you won't be available later, let us know (for instance, if you are going on a trip or work assignment).

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Will be pushing the shipping date to January 17, didn't realize 15 falls on a Sunday and Monday is a holiday, so a few extra days just in case we get more people into the retro junk box


I just realized I will be tied up starting in early Feb. 

Can I be early on in the list so I can have the box shipped out before the end of the month?

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All right! Getting close to shipping the retro junk box, anyone else interested has until next Tuesday to join in, first in line will be Nosweargamer and then the way it's listed here, I tried to stuff the box as much as I could since I have 2 complete systems in the box, whoever wants to take them, by all means if you need it, can't wait to hear feedback from you all, very cool people I've met here so far????

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