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"The Lounge"


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My wife and I live in a three-bedroom apartment. We have our master bedroom, a guest bedroom, and the third bedroom is kind of a combination office/recording studio/place to store extra crap/etc. We call it "The Lounge." That's where I keep my Atari stuff. I was running out of space when I started upgrading my loosies to CIB, and my wife suggested putting some shelving up on the walls. That works for now. :)  Overflow (that is, my 7800 stuff) is in a CD tower.





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She did protest that the older Atari games aren't arranged like a rainbow. Thing is, my scheme is mainly alphabetical by category and publisher: Atari first...gatefolds in part number order, then Atari "color" games in alphabetical, then Atari silver label, etc. My shelves were overflowing so literally seconds before I snapped the picture I stacked the middle row instead of standing the games up just to see if it'd work. I kinda like it. :)

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Good stuff, dauber


Love seeing those colorful old-gen boxes stacked together.

Brings back that first sense of discovery of what the upcoming gaming console arrivals would have to offer.

It was kinda like having a UFO drop in the middle of town and its occupants pop out and tell us "Of course you can fly anywhere, use this".


Having the primal colors splayed out in the initial TV and EG ads - then later in our living rooms - felt natural.

As if by learning a new way to have fun interacting with our TVS we were dropping our pens and learning to write again using a rainbow of Crayolas, with the same toddler glee.


That's why the initial 2600 simple color scheme and artwork design felt so right (so right INTV cribbed it in its attempted Toyland occupation).


Aaaand that's what I would be telling you after you told me I'd been standing there in your lounge for a good thirty minutes, gazing dreamily at the shelved goodness.

Although I sense we'd both agree and keep gazing in sync.

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Believe me, I play the games. That's what they're meant for. I play the games I collect, I listen to the records I collect...thing is, I've been very particular ever since in the '80s I saw that my cousins' Intellivision collection was CIB and very neatly arranged in a small bookcase. Sure easier than flipping through a bunch of shoeboxes. :D

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