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Rogue One - A Star Wars Story


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Spoilers allowed.  Be warned


I just saw the movie, and I absolutely LOVED it.  I'm dying to know what you all thought.


I loved how they set up the story for "A New Hope".  I loved K2.  I loved the acting.  I loved the use of old footage (how the F did they do that with Tarkin?)  I loved that they had the nuts to end it the way they did.  Vader at the end...chills.  And the very end.....extra double chills.  WOW. 


Disney can milk this cow for as long as they want...if they keep the quality this high, we are all in for years of treats.

Yeah, the stuff with Cushing was amazing wasn't it.  Graphically they are getting better at playing with that stuff like they did in Tron: Legacy with Jeff Bridges.


K-2SO is great, perfect empire snark.


It's a little choppy at first, but when it kicks in its great.

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Saw it on opening weekend in IMAX 3D and, as the series now takes off in the hands of adoring fans who happen to be creative movie people, I too sense a new hope (ahem) in the Star Wars galaxy for the upcoming years.


As a gritty war-toned movie, Rogue One delivers on action and hardcore storytelling.

As a Star Wars-based film, with all the baggage that comes with the inception, it more than rises to the challenge by giving somethinig new fans can sink their teeth in, and old fans can proudly say "See? I told you this series was awesome, at least back in the 80s!".


Force Awakens also stepped up with renewed energy, but the claims of it re-telling the original story was not far from the truth. More of a reboot in that sense, even though awesome new characters sprung to life within it.

Loved that movie and still do, but there was a dreaded sense of 'downhill from here' if the franchise took that 'gee-whiz' spirit without taking chances with the story (I trust the follow-up will be top-notch, in any case).


Now that this new SW movie nudged itself comfortably between Lucas' big-bang trilogy conception and that very first opening crawl, it's clear the DIsney folks are not going to let this fly by as just another cash-machine.

The very fact that they purposely allowed the natural 'no-survivors' thread to survive by reshooting the initial template offering is a sign they want this done right.

And it made my heart rise and swell as it went down, right into Star Wars (yeah, that's that movie's Real Name, none of this 'Episode' crap).


Loved Tarkin.

He was essential to this and they just went with it.

And as you say, Row, the tech is getting better (although they should've worked around that last Leia shot, since it was lesser and had the unfortunate fact of being the last thing on screen).


All the nods to the original are favorably chosen, the characters are okay and work well in the movie.

Some critics are calling them under-developped, but I think this comes from being spoiled with long-form TV shows nowadays, which have well-rounded concepts on all parts (although still under-written storywise, as good established characters in 6-8 hours still need compelling stories 12 hours later).


Walking out of it, the movie had just worked so well for me, I could barely words...


Also gotta see it again then rush right back here to re-watch Star Wars (the unedited version) to get the scope of what just transpired.


And yeah, no silly comic relief characters. The most fun one is a sassy robot who gets down and dirty as much as the protagonists.

And a heroic movie with anti-heroes!


Yeah, lots to talk about on this.


The return of bad-ass Vader.

The most glaring flaw in the first movie gets ret-conned in the bestest way possible.

X-Wings! Old footage! Red Five origins!

The Rebels as a three-dimensional, flawed group yet with the best interest of the galaxy at heart!

Bail Organa has an old jedi friend! Yeah, we know! WOOT!

The Tantive V flies away! What's gonna happen next? Tune in to 1977 to find out!


Yeah, lots and lots of talk.

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I got to see it in IMax 4k 3D, the only 4k screen in New England!!!

At first I was meh after seeing it but after I let it settle into my brain I liked it more and more.


Loved the limited use of Vader!!! I feel if he was on screen any more it would have mad him feel cheap. 


The work to bring Grand Moth was a little glitchy but it did not take me out of the experience!! I can't even imagine how hard that is to pull off! Loved seeing him again.


First 2 thirds were slow but needed to set up the greatness!!!




Over all I think it felt more like Star Wars than episode 7 did and I like it a little more than that one!!!!!


Great fun flick!!!!

Don't just watch TV, PLAY IT!

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Add me to the list of those who loved it as well.


Aside from Vader's wrath at the end, I LOVED seeing Red Leader & Gold Leader. That blew me away.


So was finally seeing Vader's castle after seeing Ralph McQuarrie's design for it for years.

Oh yes! The Castle, how could I forget that!!!!

Don't just watch TV, PLAY IT!

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I finally got out to see this last night. Overall, I found it very enjoyable and slot it fifth in order of Star Wars movies, after the original trilogy and Force Awakens but ahead of the prequel trilogy.


Things that I liked:

- The return to the aesthetic of '77. Particularly with the rebel alliance scenes. Love those helmets!

- The portrayal of the alliance as somewhat fragile and bickering. This is exactly what an galactic political rebellion would look like.

- Nods to the earlier movies that made sense: Mustafar, Bail Organa, Mon Mothma.

- Saw Gerrera

- Badass Vader


Things that I thought were meh:

- Jyn Erso's character development. Her turn from "out for herself criminal" to "I make impassioned speeches to the alliance leadership" was too fast to be believable.

- Unnecessary nods to the earlier films: Leia Organa, Evazan & Baba

- Deathtroopers. Really, Krennic gets his own elite guard? Why? Toyline.

- CGI Tarkin. I think Tarkin was necessary for the story but feel that his presence would've been better handled as a hologram. As Rowsdower and others have mentioned, the technology has come a long way but it still doesn't work seamlessly with live actors.


It was definitely a good movie and Disney has done a great job restoring the franchise.

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Mr. Plinket posted a video talking about Rogue One over the holidays, and posted a follow up video yesterday responding to some of the comments. These aren't full reviews, just quick thoughts about what he liked and what he didn't like about Rogue One. As always Plinket has some pointed criticism of the movie and backs it up with specifics. These videos are pretty short, 7 mins and 12 mins respectively:





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