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Beauty and the Beast Grey Screen

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So the Beauty and the Beast cartridge I picked up briefly shows a color title screen, then immediately goes to a grey screen and I get a constant tone. I've tried cleaning the cart multiple times, and I've rocked it around in the cart slot just about every way I can think of, and I still can't get it to work. Do I have a bad cart, or is there something else I need to try? Haven't had this issue with any other games on my Intellivision so far.

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Sounds like a bad cart to me.  Cleaning it usually does the trick, my unit as a kid the carts worked better when I wiggled them to a slight angle on one side (if that makes sense).  Still, since that's not something you have to do with other games, that tells me its a bad cart.   

Luckily RickR has one to trade I know!

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