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Viva Amiga finally....


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Just finished watching this...The Viva Amiga movie....worth waiting five years FOR? .....In all honesty .....YES....I've loved the style and editing acumen Zachary Weddington has excused within the film's presentation and insight. The flow works very well and although some of it content has being covered since, this doesn't matter, it's about the Amiga and this film truly champions this throughout the entire film. I will admit I was in the same boat as the majority of the backers with the dismay of how things were handled and excuted as well as the lack of correspondence to backers or wasn't enough for vast periods of time. But the fact that the film is actually out now is testimony to the film maker keeping his promise even if we are the back end of queue which I find extremely bizarre and a little disrepecting of those that made it happen.


The only qem for me within the film was no coverage of what is a huge clunk of the Amiga community the "Demo Scene" a real missed opportunity here or enough insight with Pacific software that made the Amiga mind blowing. .Newtek was great, but should have had more company profiles included, it's no biggie though, you won't really notice the time flying by..and last but not least the Duration of the film...1hr? Really? How did this happen? Generally any documentaries I've ever seen are normally 1hr 30 mins or greater? It was all over way to soon for me...so soon...made me sad..????..hopefully the extras due will help ease the pain but this really suprised me?


If you love the old school stuff and computers regardless what you owned this is well worth getting , it's another archived slice of computer history everyone should see and own..if not only to see my name in the credits at the end..???? I was responsible for the kickstarter graphics and artwork in case you were wondering.


Anyone else support this five years ago? If you've recently purchased the film , what did you THINK? Comparing this to From Bedroom to Billionaires:Amiga Years 6.5hrs of content?

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I have not seen this, I was not in a position to back it so I am not entitled. I always find in general they just do not compare to the memories, history, experienced living through the entire AMIGA era, though I could never afford much I was a fanatic about reading and researching ever bit of info about Commodore, the AMIGA hardware and the entire process, the hopes, the dreams, the failures, the shattered dreams etc, I have yet to learn anything "new" from these types of films but that said always good to see a film focused on AMIGA as I was always annoyed at either the revisions version or complete lack of inclusion AMIGA had in 98% of any type of computing history articles or film. Hope to see it someday.

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I've been looking forward to this one for a while and thought it was actually going to be released last year but it didn't happen. It's still new with being only a couple of days available but haven't had the time to check it out yet. Hopefully sometime within the next few weeks. It'll be especially interesting since I was more the Atari-guy than an Amiga guy, ever.


I owned an A4000 Video Toaster once and dabbled with it for a brief period of time, far after the time period it was intended to be used in, but was impressed by the speed of the machine. Never did end up taking to Workbench very warmly but I guess that's because I was so used to the simplicity of TOS. Kind of surprised to hear it's only an hour long as well, being that it's been in development for so long. Surely there was or is enough material to make it 90-minutes as you've suggested Greyfox. Either way, it'll be something nice to finally watch.


Seems like it would make a good companion to watching From Bedrooms to Billions, which I've also yet to see.

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