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Welle Erdball


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I like the music of Welle Erdball. They call the C64 a band member and have an own sound and  aesthetic appeal. Here are some songs and appearences:



A live appearence. VERY good!


A song called Deutsche Liebe


Liebe der 3. Art


Schweben, Fliegen, Fallen


1000 Engel


Arbeit adelt

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I love this.

Reminds me of an era that brought industrial music into my life (and a whole lotta cool people along the way).

Bands like Einstuerzende Neubauten, Bauhaus, Front 242 and, eventually, Nine Inch Nails (which seemed to bring it all back to this side of the Atlantic), all of whom matched my steam engine trudging forward attitude - at the time.


The music, like the people, faded away into memories as pathways are wont to do.


It's good to get that sense of retro energy back with Welle Erdball.

Yeah, those SID sounds reverberate the electronic youth we all once had as a living experience - and still hold today within our same beating hearts (even if the engine now trudges at a more 'deliberate' pace).



love it

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