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Midwest Gaming Classic 2017


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It's...a pretty big deal. Probably not as big as PRGE, but still big. When I first went in 2006, admission was $10. But the thing is...it got so big that they severely jacked up the admission fee just to kind of discourage people from going -- too crowded. :)  It's $40 for one day, $55 for two...don't know about all three days; I'm only going Saturday and Sunday, to represent Pie Factory Podcast....last year I went for just Saturday but I spent so much time at the table that I didn't get much of a chance to actually shop around and check out the arcade...

Supernatural, perhaps...baloney, perhaps not.

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Too far for me, but I bet it will be awesome!



Too far away for me unfortunately.  I wish there was one closer to home.

For closer expo's/conventions to you, check out my website: www.videogamestores.net

I haven't fully updated all of them for 2017, but you can see where they are located.

Brian Matherne - owner/curator of "The MOST comprehensive list of Atari VCS/2600 homebrews ever compiled." http://tiny.cc/Atari2600Homebrew

author of "The Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion" book series available on Amazon! www.amazon.com/author/brianmatherne

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Hey there...I'll be at Midwest Gaming Classic representing Pie Factory Podcast (Jimmy G will be there with me as well) and The Atari 7800 Homebrew Podcast. I'm not sure where they'll be setting us up -- we might not know literally until we arrive at the hotel -- so I figured I'd just give a heads-up.


What we will have:

- Some random giveaways.

- Stickers from our Zazzle stores so you can advertise us. :)

- you can play Tinkle Pit (via MAME)

- And...this is what we're really excited about...with the very generous permission of Bob DeCrescenzo, we will have two of the new 7800 homebrews that are about to be released but aren't released yet -- Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest and Super Circus AtariAge -- available for demo purposes, so if you wanna try 'em out on a real, live 7800 (with an Edladdin or UberArcade controller to boot!), come to our table! We'll have other homebrews available to demo, including all the ones I've talked about during my homebrew podcast episodes and a few that will be featured in upcoming episodes.

Supernatural, perhaps...baloney, perhaps not.

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