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Moving Sale! Everything Must Go!


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Well, not really a sale & not everything, but a lot.  :)


Over the next couple of months, I will be moving. My wife & I will be moving to a home that is a lot smaller than where we are now. That's fine (especially since we're moving to my favorite place on Earth, a place I never imagined I would be able to live there, but that's a story for another post) but one major drawback is losing my large man cave area (basically the entire unfinished basement.)


Since my new area to play my video games will be much smaller, I need to trim down my collection a bit. I'm not emotionally invested in a lot of the games I've acquired over the years. I never played them in their heyday and since I've had them, I haven't played most, if not all of them. I would much rather these games find loving homes with people who will appreciate them.


It's not just games either. There will be some a bunch of things ranging from random pop culture collectibles to DVDs and books.


Here's what I'm looking for in return. I would like some 2600 CIB games, none of which would be considered rare. Maybe some games off my wish list or a vintage Star Wars action figure to help round out my collection. I'd also like to build up some sort of honor system future credit for trades down the road. Or technical support if/when one of my systems needs some help running properly.


I'll start posting photos & lists of items soon. Unless the shipment is extraordinarily large, I'll cover the shipping to wherever the items are headed. (That's assuming the stuff I'm unloading is wanted!)



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Good luck with the move.  I will put this up here...I will gladly attempt to repair any broken hardware you ever come across for you.  You have been extremely kind to me so the best I can do is offer what knowledge I have to keep your gear going.  I wish could offer a hand in moving because I know how difficult that is having to move.  Done it many times myself.  I'm with Atari Creep on this one; any help you need I will do my best to do what I can.  

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Thanks guys!!

I'm hoping the moving part will be easy. We're not in any rush to get out. The home we're moving to is undergoing some renovations currently. My office is conveniently attached to the home, so I'm traveling there every day. I'm hoping to begin bringing lots of bins over as soon as I can do that without being in the way of the contractors.


Packing everything up, that's another story.  :)

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I've updated the "Claimed" section by the photos.

I'm hoping to ship everything out so far tomorrow.

I'll be posting more games, hopefully tonight, but if not, definitely Friday night.


I'll also try & get a list posted to make things easier to find. I apologize for any confusion.


Thanks for your interest!

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There's several NES titles I'm interested in, I do have a few boxed Atari games to trade.   Do you have an updated want list?
I know you've seen most of my XBox 360 titles, I have a few original XBox to trade also...not sure if you were still into those.  

"For you - Rowsdower from the 70 - have been appointed Omnivisioner of the Game Grid."  ~ Atari Adventure Square

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