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Sears Video Arcade 2 Project


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Opened it up...lots of dust bunnies.




Side note:  I'm also working on a broken 7800 that Greenween donated to give to jmjustin6 (if I can fix it).  Look very closely at this picture...the cases are essentially the same.  Jmjustin, I'm working on your machine too!




And while the case takes a bath, I checked to see if the board worked with a new RF cable.  YES.  It does!






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Will the Gemini joystick/paddle controller work on this console?

I just tried, and the answer is no.  The button works, but the knob does nothing.  I'm not sure if there's a trick to it or not, but I tried in both "joystick" and "paddle" mode. 


Ironically, I also can't get the paddles to work on my Gemini.  There, the knob works, but not the button.  I think I need what the manual refers to as a "wye" cable, but don't have that. 

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I just shed a tear.  That is a beautiful piece of hardware, RickR.  


I'm not sure about a PAL Arcade II unit but there are some things you could check.  Try it on another channel with the same games and see if that helps or makes a difference.  You might try checking the RF modulator as well (inside the unit).  It might need replacing (which might be causing the rolling in Space Invaders).  If you have spares you might try another RF modulator to see what that does.  

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