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3D Printed case for the NEW TI-99/4A 32K memory expansion

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very nice.


Thanks Rick.  Say, are you going to be at Fest West again this year?  The venue is closer to your neck of the woods this year.  It'll be at the Oak Tree Restaurant in Woodland, WA.  So far it looks like it'll be better than last years.

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Fest West 2017 will be from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday the 29th of April.

Attendance is FREE however you'll be expected to pay for your own lunch.


Signups begin on February 1st and conclude on April 15th.  This will enable me to give number of attendees to the restaurant so they can plan for proper scheduling and staffing for us.


To signup, please send an email to:  festwest2017@gmail.com

I'll need your FIRST NAME and your prefered USERNAME on sites like atari.io or atariage.com.  


Your name information will be printed on your own custom name badge (so people know who you are).  Name badges will be required to enter the drawings.

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