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Looks like there's a new multisystem console to play retro games coming.  It is called the Retroblox.  Check out the Press Release:


RETROBLOX Elevates Retro Games to a New Level Combining Innovative Cartridge-Compatible Element Modules, Disc Game-Compatible Optical Disc Drive, and Online Connectivity features to Create the Ultimate Living-Room Worthy Retro Game Console.

Los Angeles, California, January 31, 2017RetroBlox Inc. (RBXI) today introduced RETROBLOX, the next generation modular retro game console. With Element Modules compatible with real retro game cartridges for systems like NES, optical disc drive compatible with CD games for systems like PSX, and connectivity that rivals current gen consoles the one console future is just around the corner.


If youre like us, you take your games seriously. You strive for perfection in competition against other players, in your collection, and in conquering the challenge of the titles that originally influenced your gaming passion. Needless to say, playing classic games on anything less than original hardware is fraught with limitations and soon enough, most of us find the need to revert back to a decades-old old game console in order to play without compromises.
As such, gaming enthusiasts are faced with a difficult choice when it comes to retro games: experience only a subset of popular re-released games made for current generation platforms such as the Virtual Console or NES Classic, use original game hardware and displays from decades ago to play in a specialized game room, or resort to illegitimate means of experiencing gaming history through use of copied roms and emulators.
RETROBLOX solves this problem decisively by providing a modern, unified platform for digital retro gaming thats also committed to unprecedented modular support for original console game media and hardware peripherals.


Whether youre a retro games enthusiast, or a more casual gamer wanting to try out the genuine article, RetroBlox is the #1 way to enjoy a deep and satisfying retro gaming experience in your living room without the mess of wires and clutter.
An industry first, RETROBLOX ships with an on-board CD/DVD optical drive, custom produced by partner Hitachi LG Data Services (HLDS) to support the needs and features of retro game consoles. It allows you to experience the full lineup of disc games for never-before supported systems such as PSX, Sega CD, TurboGrafx-CD, and more.
Another key innovation introduced by RETROBLOX are modular interfaces, called Element Modules ¹, which allow for play using original video game cartridges and controllers from older game systems. Once a game cartridge is inserted into an Element Module, players can add the game to their digital collection, share their new addition on Facebook or Twitter, or play and stream via Twitch and YouTube. Changing games and systems is as easy as ejecting the current module and inserting another.


RETROBLOX natively upscales retro games from their original resolution to full HD 1080p, perfect for your living room. While crystal clear pixels are a joy to view for some players, those who prefer the older look of older TVs from the 70s, 80s and 90s will appreciate a suite of virtual displays which model the look, feel, geometry and tone of these classic displays from gamings past.


RETROBLOX features new patent-pending technology called Hybrid Emulation, which allows for the direct hardware reading of specialized chips and mappers contained within historically difficult-to-emulate retro game cartridges. This means gamers get full hardware compatibility with every game in their classic games library, and unparalleled performance to boot.
If controller lag is your enemy, Hybrid Emulation technology also allows for the highest speed possible while using classic retro game controllers connected directly to RETROBLOX Element Modules. In this mode you can obtain near lag-free speeds² for controller input, allowing casual and competitive players to push their skills to new heights.


RETROBLOX will announce new details and specs of the console and its strong line up of support for classic systems as well as further enhancements and details of the entire RETROBLOX platform between now and its anticipated crowdfunding campaign launch in April 2017.


RetroBlox, Inc. is a California-based specialty developer, producer, and manufacturer of next-generation video game related products for new and retro game consoles. The company was founded by video game development veterans and passionate retro gamers, Bryan Bernal and Eric Christensen. The RetroBlox team at large has a diverse background and has shipped games like Ratchet & Clank and Titanfall, digital storefronts like the Google Chrome Store, and consumer electronics like the Vizio M-Series TVs and Roku 2, 3, and 4k.


🖖 Going to the final frontier, gaming...

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I've been really curious about this project, primarily because of the creator's love of TurboGrafx-16 and it's influence in their project. (TurboGrafx-16 is my favorite non-Atari system, I'm a big TurboGrafx enthusiast). Pat the NES Punk got to see the RetroBlox in person at the SoCal Retro Gaming Expo and discussed it on his podcast:



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Cool, I will be watching that video.  Thanks for posting it!



Thanks for checking out the forums!


Given what we experienced about a year ago with other announced "retro consoles" I'm standing back from getting too psyched up about the RetroBlox until we see more, and see how they follow through on the Kickstarter. The team behind the RetroBlox aren't new to this and have a good track record of shipping games like Ratchet & Clank and Titanfall. I like the idea and the look of the console, and I like that it will let me record games for use in some of my videos. It's a cool idea, and - unless we're given a reason not to - I wish them well!

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Given what we experienced about a year ago with other announced "retro consoles" I'm standing back from getting too psyched up about the RetroBlox until we see more, and see how they follow through on the Kickstarter.

I have no idea what the hell you are talking about!!!! Did I miss something?????

Don't just watch TV, PLAY IT!

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