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So here I am playing live...


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So....here in Chicago there's a place called Old Town School of Folk Music. It's a non-profit organization where, well...you go and take music classes! I've been going there for ten years. I've taken classes for blues harp, fingerpicking, songwriting, stuff like that. Some of the classes they offer are "ensemble" classes, which basically means you and a bunch of other people get together and play songs, and sometimes when the class is over there's a final performance -- often at what they call "graduation," sometimes at an actual performance venue (like a local dive bar or club or something)...

Well...once or twice a year there's "Beach Boys Ensemble." Now...most classes at the Old Town School meet once a week for eight weeks...Beach Boys Ensemble meets for sixteen weeks because, well, that's how hard it is, what with the vocal harmony arrangements and other things that neeed to be worked out -- Brian Wilson just does not have the simplest arrangements in the world!

Soooooo...anyhoo...2016 was the fiftieth anniversary of the Beach Boys' album Pet Sounds, so the Beach Boys Ensemble class was dedicated to that album, and we actually performed the whole thing in front of a paying audience this past June. We played it in one of the performance venues that's actually at the school. And something I found out: whenever there's any kind of ticketed performance at the Old Town School, they record it on the soundboard, unless the artist specifically asks them not to...and I was just given a copy of our performance! woohoo!

The first tune in the YouTube link here is the title track of Pet Sounds, an instrumental that Brian Wilson was planning to offer for use in the movie You Only Live Twice, but he says it was turned down. (Personally, I believe he never even submitted it for consideration.) This...is my debut on lead guitar. :)  I am SO not a lead guitarist, but I practiced the HELL out of it for weeks on end. I made a few mistakes, but they were minor enough that those who don't know the tune wouldn't even know they were mistakes, and those who *do* know it would think they were just artistic improvisations. :) It also includes the album's last song, "Caroline, No."

Anyway, just thought I'd share some of my non-gaming life with youse. :)

Supernatural, perhaps...baloney, perhaps not.

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