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Your Favourite Dungeon Crawler/D&D Game

Retro Play

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Have any of you guys ever defeated the dragon on Dragonstomper?  I had the game back in the day, and liked it.  But never defeated it.  Plus it took a long time to make it to the dragon only to get defeated pretty quickly.  I just found it frustrating after a while, but I completely understand the appeal. 

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I did as a kid, Rick...but I haven't put the time in it as an adult.   There's a trick to it by stocking up on the right stuff before you go in the cave part, but I dont remember specifics.

Adventure is obviously wonderful too, but still very basic.  

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If Dragonstomper had a save feature, it would have been one of the best games of all time.


I remember really liking it, but got very frustrated with the time commitment involved -- yet no real idea on how to win. You'd buy a "Stun" spell that did nothing...that type of thing. Another nice addition would be a hit-bar display for the dragon.

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These titles look great and a great addition to the 2600 library.


Yeah, not being able to save on older games like these makes them time-prohibitive for gameplay.

Same with Riddle of the Sphinx for me, which I love but am unable to commit an entire afternoon like back in the day.

That's why the first golden cart Zelda was so wonderful, and made the NES a strong contender in the next-gen console wars.


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Sorry to "ONE OF US" about this but DragonStomper for me too :P It gets the closest to an RPG or D&D game and is just very satisfying. Bonus points that one of the enemies are monkeys  :rofl:


Followed by Adventure then SwordQuest: Fireworld.


I just can't get into Dark Chambers on the 2600 with the 7800 version right there. My son and I have spent a few hours playing DC together on the ProSystem, so there's that bond going on too for that version.


I would put Secret Quest on there if I had spent more time with it. I get what they were trying to do but not a huge fan of the symbol system. Still, Zelda in space was kind of a cool idea (once again, wish they would have done a 7800 version too)

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