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ATARI DAY - On the 26th day of each month, show the world how much you love Atari!


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Oh!  Ha.  Well rest assured, we'll consume all of the cranberries we have today :) 

No worries on the mashed potatoes!  One of my kids dislikes potatoes in all forms -- ESPECIALLY mashed.  So you are not alone.  Accommodations are made, and everyone is happy. 

Don't tell anyone, it's a little embarrassing....but one of our simplifications today is to do "instant" mashed potatoes.  They aren't as good, sure.  But prep time goes down to 5 minutes from one hour.  Martha Stewart might be appalled.  But what do we care? 

If I get time, I also want to give Super Metroid a go.  Perhaps this weekend. 

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Just now, socrates63 said:

Happy happy Thanksgiving and Atari Day!

@RickR I assembled and tested out the pellet grill the other day (cooked some steak). Today, I'll be cooking the turkey with it. This is only my second time cooking a whole turkey all by myself.

I'm a turkey veteran, but normally do it in the oven.  The good news is...the pellet grill is pretty much just like an oven.  I'm not smoking it (as some people do).  I'm going to set it at 350 and cook it for a few hours...as if it was an oven.  We'll see how it turns out. 

Good luck, man!  I'm sure yours will turn out great.  Pro-advice - make sure you don't dry out the pan.  Keep adding chicken broth (or water) if the pan goes dry.  I don't baste. 

Also, I don't bother with stuffing in the turkey.  Just put an onion in there for flavor.  Do the stuffing separately. 

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1 hour ago, RickR said:

I made it through games 1 and 3.  Should I try one of the harder difficulty levels?

This game really sets a mood, doesn't it?  It's really well done.  The dark and the sound effects are very effective.  The only change I'd make is to have the key permanently unlock doors. 

haunted house 002.JPG

haunted house 003.JPG

haunted house 005.JPG

I played lots of Sears Haunted House on Halloween and had a load of fun with it. Push forward! And play some Super Metroid later this week, too!

@socrates63 I am sure your turkey will turn out great! I have helped my dad make the turkey many times over the years. We are using the oven this year for the first time. 
My thanksgiving plans: play Luigi’s Mansion 3 with my sister, board games, a walk, some Demons to Diamonds, and maybe watch a movie. Oh, yeah, and eat!

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2 hours ago, Wade said:

Happy Atari and turkey day everyone! Will play some circus Atari and super breakout today.

Nice! I was actually thinking of picking those both up. Today, I played some regular Breakout. I have played Super Breakout on 2600 before via emulation, though I feel I haven't really played it until I can use my trusty paddles. There are some things I like about it, and some things I don't. I feel you need BOTH Breakout games to get the full experience! Both are great.

Circus Atari is also really fun, but would be better with paddles.

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13 hours ago, HDN said:

YOU LOSE TURKEY — This Title Intentionally Left Blank

Thanksgiving had some rough patches, but it ended up being a pretty nice day. How was all of your days?

Mission accomplished here.  We were hoping for a calm and peaceful day, and indeed that's what happened.  Simplifying the menu helped.  I got my gaming goals in, and the family played a few rounds of "Yahtzee".

As a companion piece to @socrates63's picture, here's our turkey breast, also done on a wood pellet grill.  It was outstanding.  Tip for future reference:  Stuff it with apple slices.  It adds flavor.


thanksgiving 004.JPG

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You should try it! I have been on the waiting list for this game for one year exactly tomorrow. Apparently it arrived in October. My parents did a very good job hiding it from me!

You should try it, @RickR. It is different, but very fun. Graphics are like Bomberman, which makes sense given that Hudson ported the game to the system.

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