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Prelude to Axanar (Star Trek Axanar)


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I'm glad CBS finally resolved their legal dispute with the guys making Axanar. Axanar is a Star Trek fan film that was crowdfunded and caught the attention of studio heads at CBS which holds the TV rights to Star Trek and it resulted in a law suit. One of the stars is Richard Hatch who sadly passed away this week. Here's the preview film they made for the kickstarter. It looks incredible for a fan film. Definitely looks better than Phantom Menace!


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I'm looking forward to whatever they'll be able to make in two 15 minutes segments.  This interview with Alec Peters may be of interest:





Good to see things have been resolved with Axanar and that their project is moving forward in some form, though I'm disappointed at how far CBS' fan film restrictions have gone. Lucasfilm and Disney usually encourage this stuff among Star Wars fans. The delay in production I'm sure set back filming with Richard Hatch, which would be a huge loss.


Trekyards does a nice job with this stuff, thanks for sharing this with us!

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I've been following Axanar too, ever since Prelude to Axanar was released. It was stunning. I was really looking forward to seeing the final film, particularly Tony Todd and J.G. Hertzler . Unfortunately that's not going to happen, and what has happened since has been odd at the very least. Robert Meyer Burnett, who edited Prelude, has covered this extensively on his YouTube channel.

That said, Atari I/O isn't the place to drag outside drama and negativity into the forums. It's not a complaint department or group therapy. You have the whole rest of the internet for that - Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, everything. Just keep things lighthearted and fun! That's all we ask. I'd rather have an adult-level discussion about Axanar in general, than one specific to complaining about what's going on in the comments section of their YouTube channel. I created this place as a fun escape from the headaches of the rest of the world that we can come to at the end of the day to chat about Atari history, play games with old friends and make new ones along the way. (FYI - Axanar's :youtube: comments section is a headache.) We come here to get away from the negativity of the rest of the net and world. I hope everybody gets that. I've made it exceptionally clear in the House Rules that Atari I/O keeps outside drama and corrosive negativity from rotting our community from within. People will come into our forums, take a 💩 on our floor, and call it "censorship" when I have to clean it up. It's my responsibility to keep Atari I/O beautiful 🖖

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