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Dreamcast Gamer Retro Game Reviews (Sega, Nintendo, Sony, etc.)

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Since my Gemini Gamer series is Atari games, I figured I should make a separate thread for Dreamcast Gamer so the other thread wouldn't go off-topic.  So far as the Dreamcast Gamer, I've reviewed games from the Genesis, Game Gear, Dreamcast, PlayStation, GameCube, and DS.  These videos are on a monthly basis, as a lot of work goes into each video.

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Congrats DG!

I remember my goal my first year was t hit 100 subscribers, and you made that goal!

The first year is the hardest. I remember being super excited if I got 2 subscribers in a single day!!!

(I also got bummed when I lost one, lol)

And now you get dozens each day!

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I don't like making videos like this where I ask people for free stuff, but this is one time I'm excusing this.  I don't have Patreon yet and I don't monetize my videos (I hate ads), so if you'd like to support me aside from advertising my videos, you could do this if you're able to (don't feel obligated).  Here's the description for the video.


"The Dreamcast Gamer series requires more Garfield games, and we need your help!  These games will all be reviewed within the next few months on the Dreamcast Gamer series.  If you have some Garfield games and you're willing to part with them, let me know in the comments or tweet to me @dreamcastgamer (or message me here on Atari.io).  You will be credited at the end of the video featuring the game you sent and links to any social media profiles you want me to mention (including YouTube channels) will be in the description of that video as well.   If you know anyone who has any of these games, please let them know about this video.  Again, don't feel pressured in any way to send me these games.  Your support is greatly appreciated."


These games are part of a secret project I'm working on (NSG knows what I'm talking about).  More information on that in the near future :)



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