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Seven Pinball Books Worth Reading

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From Brett Weiss' blog:


Invented during The Great Depression, when Americans needed cheap, escapist entertainment, pinball has been around almost as long as the talkies, but there are very few books on the subject when compared to the film industry. Fortunately, there are some worth recommending.



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Good reads!


While cabinet titles explored trends and advances in technologies and increased bit range, their initial appeal got stomped by the next Big Thing (until our terrific cycle of retro appreciation evened the perspective and allowed us to appreciate everything on its own terms, outside the 80s vision).

But Pinball is forever.


It sure has dwindled in production, but I hope it never fades, cuz it's the basic arcade gaming experience that ties the experience of life as a gamer.

I'm sure most arcade gamer folks' first quarter was plunked inside a pinball coin box - and we were hooked!


Well, maybe not if you got into it around the Pac years, cuz that attract mode sure did attract.


But yeah, a lotta pinball flippin' fun was had around here!

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