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VHD Anyone?

Atari 5200 Guy

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For as long as I can remember I've always believed that RCA's CED players and movies were good.  Not great mind you but OK.  For those that think I'm crazy, and you are probably right, the time the CED came out there really was no Dolby Surround Sound available for the home market in my area.  We had simple, monaural (or mono if you prefer), video equipment.  So having movies that could play in Stereo sound when you didn't have the stereo equipment to play it on didn't matter much.  Once my family moved on to VHS it was the same thing; stereo sound didn't matter as long as the sound was easy to hear without having to crank the volume up on the TV...and there were some cheap knock-off pre-recorded tapes where the audio was horrible and something that stereo sound could not help.


Sorry...got a bit side tracked.  The CED format always fascinated me because of how it worked.  I had more fun watching the player take the discs, play them, watch the stylus sweep across the disc, and the disc get returned back to the caddy and the door close.  I don't know how many times we had to replace the loading/unloading belts on the SJT models.  And me being only 8-years old I was not afraid to take the top off to find out how to do it myself since the only dealer in the area stopped messing with the format altogether.


As a YouTuber I enjoy watching videos on older technology that was either a part of my childhood or I missed completely.  I had little idea that a similar CED format was on the market...only in Japan.  It never ceases to amaze me how things America invented and developed Japan has always tried to perfect similar ideas.  And the CED format was not safe either.  Nothing against Japan as it is one location I would love to visit but the one CED-like player I watched in the video I am about to share here took the CED format and improved it.  Seriously, the machine in this video is pretty neat.  



The fun stuff about the machine starts around 11:00 in.  But watch how the National machine loads and unloads these movie discs...it's very cool!  

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