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2 hours ago, chas10e said:

When I was 8 or 9 there was no Internet.


Yeah. I'm going to sound very stereotypically young person when I say this, but I can't imagine life without it!

I think I'm going to try to make a video. I think I'll start work on something soon. I don't have a capture device yet. There's one I've been looking at and I hope to maybe get it for Christmas. It's not a Framemeister or anything, but it would probably be a good starter.

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Your review of Great Baseball reminds me of something I would like to bring up.

I will never ever understand the hatred of NES Baseball. To be honest, it's probably my favorite Baseball game. When I first discovered my local game store in December, I picked this up on my first trip out of the clearance bin for three dollars. I got home and played it with my dad and we had a blast! That Christmas holiday season was filled to the brim with Sports Series goodness! 

I don't think I ever have played the game in single player even almost a year later. I know you judge your games based on the single player experience, @nosweargamer, so it might be just that different. I love the physics in this game, and I like how none of the players have specific statistics. That makes it nice and even and based purely on skill. The controls were a little confusing without the manual, but now that I know them I can play quite well I feel.

I love the pudgy characters and charming graphics, too. The sounds are nice. This would've blown people away in 1983 when it came out for the Famicom in Japan. I know there's no campaign mode, but nothing like that existed in 1983. Maybe in 1985 or 1986, I don't know. I think it holds up well and is well worth the money. If you know me, then you'll know I don't like serious or realistic sports games, so that may affect my opinion on NES Baseball. Another Black Box game, Ten-Yard Fight, is another favorite of the games based off of its respective sport. I thought the same of NES Golf until very recently as well.

I guess this shows you how much opinions can differ! When I caught word that this was one of the "bad" games like Urban Champion, I was shocked! I was also shocked when I found out that Flag Capture on the 2600 was a "bad" game, and that Ice Hockey by Activision was a "good" game! It really shows that you have to try the games out for yourself with an open mind before you really form an opinion on it.

Well those are some of my thoughts. I can get a little carried away defending games sometimes. I hope someday some of you can find a pal to play some NES Baseball with and play with an open mind. Think of what came before. Before 1983. Heck, it's even on the Nintendo Switch Online service, and you can play with a friend on there, given your game doesn't crash! I respect all of your opinions on this game regardless, but I hope you will give it a second look. 

Best wishes and happy gaming.

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Don't worry about it, @nosweargamer. I know you are a very busy dude. Once my video game review show gets off the ground, I will have to cover it. 

Outlaw is great. Proud owner of the text label varient. I love the box art, though it isn't very accurate to the game itself! I know it was based on Taito's Western Gun (adapted to the US by Midway under the name Gun Fight and was notable for using a microprocessor in the Midway conversion), but Atari did make a lightgun game of the same name in the arcades, I believe.


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