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Reset switch and M Network games


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I've seen this with the 3 M Network games I own (Astroblast, Lock n' Chase, and Super Challenge Football). When I push the reset switch, I get these weird red lines scrolling down the left side of the screen and I hear a faint buzzing sound. I know that different games do different things while you're holding down the reset switch, but is this at all dangerous to my 2600? I know that Ghost Town from Xonox has one corner of the screen that looks deformed when you hold reset. Are these problems at all dangerous to my Atari, of am I safe to play these games?

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Q-Tips and alcohol do wonders.


Forgot.  You could clean the contacts on your 2600, too.  Cut a piece of cardboard to the width of a game cartridge's card edge but long enough for you to hold and use.  Press one end of the cardboard to where it is almost flat.  On the end you pressed place masking tape starting on side and wrapping it around to the other side making sure that there is little to no slack.  You will want the tape to be as snug as possible against the edges of the cardboard.  Now, get a toothpick or small flat-head screwdriver to hold open the cartridge slot on the 2600 and insert the cardboard with the masking tape going inside the slot. Insert and remove a few times without using any liquids.  Believe it or not this will remove some build-up that might be on the cartridge pins on the system.  It works for me.

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I say it is just your machines personality. Over time electronics go a little goofy but I do not think you have anything to worry about. I would just follow the other advice here and make sure you keep up on the preventative maintenance such as cleaning contacts, opening the console to blow out dust bunnies...... and you should be fine!!!!!  

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