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We liked it, looked very good, definitely do not think it is going down as a SciFi classic that some are hailing it to be. 

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SPOILER ALERT!  Stop reading here if you haven't seen the movie. 

OK.  I watched it last night, and I've been thinking about it a lot today.  That's the sign of a great movie.  I actually might go back and watch it again.  All of her dreams and memories were forms of communication....I think it would be fun to try to interpret them once you know that twist. 

I'm with you RD....it's not a "classic" by any stretch.  But really good. 

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I was so elated at seeing Whorf mentioned for his linguistic relativy theory as the construct for this cool-as-heck sci-fi story that this movie has been bumped to the top ten faves of all times in my list.


It's more of a paced movie than most fares out there.

And luckily, I knew Villeneuve's approach to pacing before entering it, cuz it's usually very deliberate.

Also, have fallen in love with Amy Adams in Enchanted years ago and am still under that spell.


But really, this movie kinda reminds me of really cool STTNG type of stories they used to come up with which makes me believe in hope for humankind.

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