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Real Master System, Power Base Converter, or Master Gear?

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I'm not exactly sure what to look for. Electrical stuff like that is not something I'm good with. However, I do think this cable is giving the Genesis insufficient power and that the PBC is pushing it too hard and refuses to run after awhile. I have it running Altered Beast at the moment just fine and even restarting the console worked too, but I have a feeling that if I try again later, it won't. I'm going to go buy a proper power cable today.

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I noticed the same thing while looking for Model 1 power adapters recently.  350ma!  No way! 


I found a 9V 1.2A brick at Goodwill for $2, but the polarity is wrong.  Easy enough to cut and reverse the connector, and that will be a future project for me. 


What upsets me way more is that the local retro game stores around here used to have plenty of Genny model 1 adapters for sale for like $3 - $5 each. Then the retrobit replacements come along and they have suddenly been impossible to find? 


I asked one of the store employees about it and they told me they cut the cords and toss the original adapters when they get them with the systems because they are old and feel that providing new replacements is better for their 30 day warranty policy they provide?! I was not happy to learn this as the model 1 genny supply can be used with so many other consoles!!!


We all know that the original adapters are going to live on for far longer than these cheap crappy ones they sell now. 


Sorry...It kills me a little inside everytime I think about it.

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I actually just bought one from RetroBit and it seems fine. 1000mA compared to the 500mA of my AtGames adapter. It also doesn't overheat like my AtGames one, but my Power Base Converter is still not working. I can play it for about 30 minutes and can keep switching games, but after that, the next time I turn the console off, it will refuse to run for at least an hour. Should I just give up and return it? The guy who sold me it will give me my money back so I can get his model 1 Master System.

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