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Hello everyone, from San Bernardino CA

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GRay Defender here.  I was born and raised here in San Bernardino, CA.  I played the early games in the arcade growing up and my first real gaming console was the Atari 2600.  From there I moved on to the Commodore 64, but before I let my mom sell off my 2600, I held onto the three games carts that I treasured the most at the time.  They were Adventure, Missile Command and Mountain King.  I fairly recently got back into video games and collecting.  Other than video games & consoles, I also love classic radios with cassette tape players,etc.  I also collect some vintage calculators, something about that phosphorus.


I guess last year I started my small youtube channel which goes by my moniker.


Looking forward to meeting you all over time,



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Thank you guys.  I do not have an atari branded calculator.  I didn't know that was a thing (eyes peeled).  However I do have a few Commodore branded ones and they are sweet.


And I picked up this calculator last year: (it takes 4 D cell batteries and had a carrying handle).




As for Mountain King I had discovered the secret area above the "mountain" and was captivated by it.  I don't remember if I ever completed it back then though..., lol...

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Hey GD! 

Welcome to the friendliest Atari forum site on the interweb!

Feel free to share your YouTube stuff in the YouTube section!


Quick story, I met GD via my podcast and he was the lucky fellow who won this Edladdin Super Twin 78 Joystick!!!

The No Swear Gamer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChtJuo040EOCTVziObIgVcg

Host of The Atari 7800 Game by Game Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube

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Thank you NSG,


Yeah the Super Twin 78 is a great controller, I probably would have bought it anyway, and I endorse and recommend the Edladdin products.  By the way Ed Kelly from Edladdin, told me via email he is coming out with a USB joystick, sorry for being short on the details, but it is coming soon.


I will definitely consider posting in the youtube section...


Thanks again,



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